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N. Raman


Research coAuthored with College of Business Faculty

Journal Articles

"Decision Support System for Scheduling a Flexible Flow System: Incorporation of Feature Construction." M. Shaw, S. Piramuthu, N. Raman, Annals of Operations Research, (78) 219-234 1998

"Adaptive Scheduling in Dynamic Flexible Manufacturing Systems: An Inductive Learning Approach." M. Shaw, S. Park, N. Raman, IEEE Transactions on Automation & Robotics, (13) August: 4 486-502 1997

"Simultaneous Determination of Product Attributes and Prices, and Production Processes in Product-Line Design." N. Raman, D. Chhajed, Journal of Operations Management, (12) 3-4 187-204 1995

"Learning-Based Scheduling in a Flexible Manufacturing Flow Line." M. Shaw, S. Piramuthu, N. Raman, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, (41) 2 172-182 1994

"Integration of Simulation Modeling and Inductive Learning in Adaptive Decision Support Systems." M. Shaw, S. Piramuthu, S. Park, N. Raman, Decision Support Systems, (9) January: 1 127-142 1993

"Intelligent Scheduling with Machine Learning Capabilities." M. Shaw, S. Park, N. Raman, IIE Transactions, May: 156-168 1992

Conference Proceedings

"Integrated Product and Process Design." D. Chhajed, N. Raman, 1172-1180 World Scientific Publishing Co.: , 1992

"Heuristic Learning for Pattern-Directed Scheduling in Flexible Manufacturing Systems." M. Shaw, S. Park, N. Raman, 369-376 Elsevier Science Publishers: Kidlington, UK, 1989

Chapters in Books

"Intelligent Scheduling with Machine Learning." M. Shaw, S. Park, S. Piramuthu, N. Raman, 193-214 In Intelligent Scheduling Systems, (Eds: W. T. Scherer & D.E. Brown), Kluwer Academic Publishers: Norwell, Massachusetts, 1994

"Integrating Inductive Learning and Simulation in Rule-based Scheduling." M. Shaw, S. Park, S. Piramuthu, N. Raman, 152-167 In Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence: Expert Systems in Engineering: Principles and Applications, (Eds: G. Gottlob & W. Nejdl), Springer-Verlag: Berlin-Heidelberg, 1990


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