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Security Analysis
Corporate Finance
Investment Banking
Derivatives & Trading
Financial Engineering
Portfolio Management
Commercial Banking
Insurance & Risk Manangement
Wealth Management

The field of finance is primarily concerned with the acquisition and management of funds by business firms, governments, and individuals. A business seeks financial advice when considering the purchase of new equipment,the expansion of present facilities or raising additional funds. Determining the value of financial and real assets and derivatives is a key activity in finance. As the study of finance is designed to provide the student with both the theoretical background and the analytical tools required to make effective judgments in finance, many students select careers in business financial management, commercial and investment banking, investments, government finance, insurance, and real estate.

If you have any intention - even a vague one - of aspiring to a degree in Finance, you should make an appointment with the Finance Department Advisor as soon as possible and again every semester before you begin registering for courses.

Department of Finance Advisor
Tim Flanagin, M.S. Ed.
330E Wohlers Hall

(217) 244-1657

To arrange an appointment with Tim Flanagin, please click here.


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