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Excellence in teaching: 60 faculty recognized

Sixty members of the College of Business faculty were ranked as ‘excellent’ by students for the 2013 spring semester. The list is published by the University’s Center for Teaching Excellence, which is dedicated to the support, promotion, and enhancement of teaching and learning. Congratulations to our faculty!

The full list can be found here.

Glenn Aquino
Romana Autrey
W. Brooke Elliott*
Thomas Finnegan
Jessen Hobson*
Adel Ibrahim
Richard Kaplan
Petro Lisowsky
William McAlpine
Ganapathi Narayanamoorthy
Frank Nekrasz
Kristina Rennekamp
Rachel Schwartz
Thomas Sternburg
Anu Varadharajan

Anupam Agrawal
Ruth Aguilera
Jane Alsberg
Gopesh Anand
Phil Anderson
Janet Bercovitz
Joseph Clougherty
Raj Echambadi*
Kevin Fertig
Ravi Gajendran*
C.K. Gunsalus
Matthew Kraatz
Jeffrey Kurtz*
Paul Lansing
Eric Larson*
Michael Leroy
Frank Liu
Joseph Mahoney
Steven Michael
Matthew Nelson*
Eric Neuman
Gregory Northcraft
Sharon Shavitt
Alex Sleptsov
Deepak Somaya
Fataneh Taghaboni-Dutta
Madhu Viswanathan*
Zhixi Wan
Tiffany Barnett White
Mark Wolters

Heitor Almeida
Dennis Beard
Donald Davis
Virginia France
Dirk Hackbarth
Timothy Johnson*
Srinivasan Kannan*
George Krueger
Elisabeth Oltheten*
Neil Pearson
George Pennacchi
Scott Perkins
Daniel Sholem
Mark Vonnahme*
Martin Widdicks

*Rated as outstanding.


August 22, 2013




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