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Recent Publications


"Corporate Governance, Enforcement and Firm Value: Evidence from India."
A. Dharmapala, V. Khanna, Forthcoming Journal of Law, Economics and Organizations, 2015
SSRN Abstract

"Contingent Capital: The Case of COERCs."
G. Pennacchi, T. Vermaelen, C. Wolff, Forthcoming Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2015

"Repos, Fire Sales and Bankruptcy Policy."
Forthcoming Review of Economic Dynamics, 2015

"The Real Effects of Share Repurchases."
H. Almeida, V. Fos, M. Kronlund, Forthcoming Journal of Financial Economics, 2015

"Does Beauty Matter in Undergraduate Education?."
Economic Inquiry, (53) April: 2 940-961 2015

"Interpreting Pre-trends as Anticipation: Impact on Estimated Treatment Effects from Tort Reform."
Journal of Public Economics, April: 124 1-17 2015

"Cashing in on Cutting Carbon: U.S. Clean Carbon Plan Gives Illinois a Chance for Significant State Revenue"."
J. Reif, D. Fullerton, M. Konar, Illinois Issues, March: 2015

"Efficiency and distributional effects of Illinois Gas taxes."
Climate Change Policy Initiative, March: 2015


"Corporate Taxes and Securitization."
G. Pennacchi, K. Park, J. Han, Forthcoming Journal of Finance, 2014

"Can a Unilateral Carbon Tax Reduce Emissions Elsewhere?."
J. Elliott, D. Fullerton, Resource and Energy Economics, (36) January: 1 2014

"How University Endowments Respond to Financial Market Shocks: Evidence and Implications."
J. Brown, S. Dimmock, J. Kang, S. Weisbenner, American Economic Review, (104) March: 3 931-962 2014

"Shareholder Democracy in Play: Career Consequences of Proxy Contests."
V. Fos, T. Margarita, Journal of Financial Economics, (114) 2 316-340 2014

"Do compensation plans with performance targets provide better incentives?."
M. Widdicks, H. Pinto, Journal of Corporate Finance, (29) 662-694 2014

"Incentives for Reporting Disease Outbreaks."
R. Laxminarayan, J. Reif, A. Malani, PLOS ONE, (9) March: 3 2014

"Sin Taxes Won't Save the Illinois Budget."
J. Reif, The State Journal-Register, March: 2014

"Increasing the Cigarette Tax."
J. Reif, The Illinois Budget Policy Toolbox, February: 2014

"Alcohol and Casino Taxes."
J. Reif, J. Schneider, The Illinois Budget Policy Toolbox, February: 2014

"Why Do Individuals Choose Defined Contribution Plans? Evidence from Participants in a Large Public Plan."
J. Brown, S. Weisbenner, Journal of Public Economics, (116) August: 35-46 2014

"Tools to Address Revenue: A Permit Trading Program for Carbon Dioxide."
Forthcoming State Tax Notes, 2014

"It's Complicated: Why It's So Hard to Fix Illinois' Budget Problems."
D. Fullerton, C. Mooney, Forthcoming Illinois Issues, 2014

"Negative Leakage."
K. Baylis, D. Fullerton, D. Karney, Forthcoming Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, May: 2014

"Defined Contribution Plans as a Foundation for Retirement Security."
Forthcoming Journal of Retirement, 2014

"“Income as the Outcome: How to Broaden the Narrow Framing of U.S. Retirement Policy”."
J. Brown, Risk Management and Insurance Review, (17) Spring: 7-16 2014

"Analyst Coverage and Real Earnings Management: Quasi-Experimental Evidence."
Forthcoming Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2014

"Do Prices Reveal the Presence of Informed Trading?."
P. Collin-Dufresne, V. Fos, Forthcoming Journal of Finance, 2014

"Bankruptcy probabilities inferred from option prices."
M. Widdicks, S. Taylor, C. Tzeng, Journal of Derivatives, (22) Winter: 2 8-31 2014

"A Model of Equity Based Compensation with Tax.."
M. Widdicks, J. Zhao, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, (41) 7-8 1002-1041 2014

"Gas tax may hurt Illinois more than it helps."
The State Journal-Register, October: 2014


"Empirical Determinants of Intertemporal Choice."
J. Brown, Z. Ivkovich, S. Weisbenner, Forthcoming Journal of Financial Economics,


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