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  • December 11, 2008: Jiro Kondo, Northwestern University
    The Self-Regulation of Enforcement: Evidence From Investor-Broker Disputes at the NASD
  • December 4, 2008: Andrew Ellul, Indiana University
    Inheritance law and Investment in Family Firms
  • November 20, 2008: Anna Obizhaeva, University of Maryland
    Price Impact and Spread: Bias-Free Estimates from Portfolio Transition Data
  • November 13, 2008: Ioanid Rosu, Chicago Graduate School of Business
    Liquidity and Information in Order Driven Markets
  • November 6, 2008: Nikolai Roussanov, Wharton
    Common Risk Factors in Currency Markets
  • October 30, 2008: Sudheer Chava, Texas A & M
    Effect of Banking Crisis on Bank-Dependent Borrowers
  • October 28, 2008: Aneel Keswani, City University, London
    Mutual Fund Distribution Channels and Investor Reaction To Past Performance
  • October 23, 2008: Gib Metcalf, Tufts University
  • October 16, 2008: Robert Dittmar, University of Michigan
    Ex Ante Skewness and Expected Stock Returns
  • October 9, 2008: Raghuram Rajan, Chicago Graduate School of Business
    The internal Governance of Firms
  • October 2, 2008: Gustavo Grullon, Rice University
    Real Options, Volatility, and Stock Returns
  • September 25, 2008: Ola Bengston, Cornell University
    Investor Abilities and Financial Contracting: Evidence from Venture Capital
  • September 18, 2008: Daniel Ferreira, London School of Economics visiting MSU
  • September 11, 2008: S. Vishwanathan, Duke University
    Collateral, Financial Intermediation, and the Distribution of Debt Capacity
  • September 4, 2008: Ilya Strebulaev, Stanford University
    The Aggregate Dynamics of Capital Structure and Macroeconomic Risk
  • May 5, 2008: Harris Schlesinger, University of Alabama
    Changes in Risk and the Demand For Saving
  • May 1, 2008: Julie Cullen, University of California - San Diego
    Implicit Performance Awards: An Empirical Analysis of the Labor Market for Public School Administrators
  • April 24, 2008: Victoria Ivashina, Harvard
    Institutional Demand Pressure and Cost of Corporate Debt
  • April 17, 2008: Enrichetta Ravina, NYU
    Love & Loans: The Effect of Beauty and Personal Characteristics in Credit Markets
  • April 10, 2008: Murray Carlson, University of British Columbia
    Leverage Choice and Credit Spread Dynamics when Managers Risk Shift
  • April 3, 2008: Motohiro Yogo, Wharton
    Portfolio Choice in Retirement: Health Risk and the Demand for Annuities, Housing, and Risky Assets
  • March 27, 2008: Lorenzo Garlappi, Univeristy of Texas - Austin
    Financial Distress and the Cross Section of Equity Returns
  • March 13, 2008: Mike Roberts, Wharton
  • March 6, 2008: Gustavo Manso, MIT
    Governance Through Exit and Voice: A Theory of Multiple Blockholders
  • January 10, 2008: Michael Johannes, Columbia University
    Understanding Index Option Returns


  • December 12, 2007: Randy Walsh, University of Colorado - Boulder
    Race, Public Goods, and Neighborhood Choice
  • December 6, 2007: Long Chen, Michigan State
    What Drives Stock Price movement?
  • December 4, 2007: Jonathan Skinner, Dartmouth
    Technology Adoption and Productivity Growth in Health Care
  • November 29, 2007: Hui Chen, University of Chicago
    Macroeconomic Conditions and the Puzzles of Credit Spreads and Capital Structure
  • November 27, 2007: Ralph Koijen, Tilburg University
    The Cross-section of Managerial Ability and Risk Preferences
  • November 20, 2007: Aydogan Alti, University of Texas - Austin
    When Do High Stock Returns Trigger Equity Issues?
  • November 15, 2007: Denis Gromb, London Business School
  • November 13, 2007: George Zanjani, New York Federal Reserve
  • November 8, 2007: Stefan Nagel, Stanford
    Depression Babies: Do Macroeconomic Experiences Affect risk-Taking?
  • November 1, 2007: Arthur Karteweg, University of Chicago
    Estimating Risk and Return of Infrequently-Traded Assets: A Bayesian Selection Model of Venture Capital
  • October 25, 2007: Sergei Davydenko, University of Toronto
    Cash holdings and credit risk
  • October 18, 2007: Antje Berndt, Carnegie Mellon
    Default Risk Premia and Asset Returns
  • October 11, 2007: Alexei Tchistyi, New York University
    Optimal Mortgage Design
  • October 4, 2007: Robert Novy-Marx, University of Chicago
    Operating Leverage
  • September 27, 2007: Henrik Cronqvist, Ohio State
    Does Corporate Culture Matter for Firm Policies?
  • September 20, 2007: Carola Schenone, University of Virginia
    Bankruptcy and Product-Market Competition: Evidence from the Airline Industry
  • September 18, 2007: Jefferson Duarte, University of Washington
  • September 13, 2007: Dirk Hackbarth, Washington University
    Stock Returns in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • September 6, 2007: Zhi Da, Notre Dame
    Informed Trading, Liquidity Provision and Stock Selection by Mutual Funds
  • August 30, 2007: Amit Goyal, Emory
    Cross-Section of Option Returns and Volatility
  • May 10, 2007: Serdar Dinc, Northwestern University
    The Decision to Privatize: Finance, Politics, and Patronage http://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/faculty/dinc/htm/Papers/Dinc%20&%20Gupta%20--%20The%20Decision%20to%20Privatize.pdf
  • May 3, 2007: Yacine Ait-Sahalia, Princeton
    Portfolio Choice with Jumps: A Closed Form Solution
  • April 26, 2007: Pietro Veronesi, Columbia University
    Entrepreneurial Learning, the IPO decision, and the post-IPO drop in firm profitability
  • April 19, 2007: Efraim Benmelech, Harvard
    Redeployability and Collateral Pricing
  • April 5, 2007: Francisco Perez-Gonzalez, Columbia University
    Do CEOs matter?
  • March 27, 2007: Per Stromberg, SIFR
    What are firms? Evolution from Early business plans to public companies
  • March 15, 2007: Ravi Jagannathan, Northwestern University
    Do Hot Hands Exist Among Hedge Fund Managers? An Empirical Evaluation
  • March 1, 2007: Atif Mian, Columbia University
    Dollars dollars everywhere, not a dime to lend: the cost of debt capacity constraints


  • November 16, 2006: Andrea Frazzini, University of Chicago
    The earnings announcement premium and trading volume
  • November 9, 2006: Xavier Gabaix, MIT
    The Linearity-Inducing Class: A Modelling Tool Yielding Closed Forms for Asset Prices
  • November 2, 2006: Chris Malloy, London Business School
    Rewriting History
  • October 19, 2006: Yael Hochberg, Northwestern University
    A Lobbying Approach to Evaluating the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
  • October 12, 2006: Michael Faulkender, Washington University
    Why are Firms Using Interest Rate Swaps to Time the Yield Curve?
  • October 5, 2006: Morten Sorensen, University of Chicago
    Learning by Investing: Evidence from Venture Capital
  • September 28, 2006: Luis Viceira, Harvard
    Global Currency Hedging
  • September 21, 2006: Thomas Philippon, NYU
    The y-Theory of Investment
  • September 14, 2006: Rebecca Zarutskie, Duke University
  • September 7, 2006: Otto van Hemert, NYU
    Life-Cycle Housing and Portfolio Choice with Bond Markets
  • July 27, 2006: Josh White, Allen Poteshman, and Neil Pearson, Dept of Finance
    Does Option Trading Impact Underlying Stock Prices?
  • July 20, 2006: Sophie Ni, Dept of Finance
    Stock Option Returns
  • July 6, 2006: Neil Pearson and Brian Henderson, Dept of Finance
    Patterns in the issuance of structured equity products
  • June 29, 2006: Brandon Julio, Dept of Finance
    Overcoming Overhang: Agency Costs, Investment, and the Option to Repurchase Debt
  • May 11, 2006: Kent Womack, Dartmouth
    When Shouldn't Investors Listen to Analysts
  • May 3, 2006: Zhiwu Chen, Yale
    Press Freedom and Economic Development
  • April 27, 2006: Peter Tufano, Harvard
    Live Prices and Stale Quantities: T+1 Accounting and Mutual Fund Mispricing
  • April 26, 2006: Marc Weidenmier, Claremont McKenna College
    Competing with the NYSE
  • April 20, 2006: Amir Sufi, University of Chicago
    The Real Effects of Debt Certification: Evidence from the Introduction of Bank Loan Ratings
  • April 19, 2006: Eric Gettleman and Liz Risik, Dept of Finance
    Option Market Overreaction to Stock Price Changes
  • April 13, 2006: Annette Vissing-Jorgensen, Northwestern University
    Long-run stockholder consumption risk and asset returns
  • April 6, 2006: Bo Becker, UIUC
    City size and financial development
  • April 5, 2006: Tom Jacobs, Dept of Finance
    Investor Reaction in Option Markets
  • March 30, 2006: Mark Germase, UCLA
    Ties that Truly Bind: Non-Competition Agreements, Executive Compensation and Firm Investment
  • March 29, 2006: Xiaoyan (Sophie) Ni, Dept of Finance
    Stock Option Returns
  • March 16, 2006: Michael Brandt, Duke University
    Resolving Macroeconomic Uncertainty in Stock and Bond Markets
  • March 15, 2006: Qian Deng, Dept of Finance
    Volatility Dispersion Trading
  • March 9, 2006: David Laibson, Harvard
    Why Does the Law of One Price Fail? An Experiment on Index Mutual Funds
  • March 2, 2006: Mark Grinblatt, UCLA
    Sensation Seeking, Overconfidence, and Trading Activity
  • February 15, 2006: Brandon Julio, Dept of Finance
    Overcoming Leverage Induced Investment Distortions: Evidence from Corporate Debt Repurchases
  • January 18, 2006: Hilal Yilmaz, Dept of Economics
    Applications of Conditional Value-at-Risk Estimation with Quantile Regression
  • January 11, 2006: Brian Henderson, Dept of Finance
    Convertible Bonds: New Issue Performance and Arbitrage Opportunities







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