Financial Literacy Program

The University Challenge

Investment Challenge for University of Illinois Students

The University Investment Challenge runs from February 1 through April 30 and from September 15 through November 30.

Anyone currently registered as a student at the University of Illinois can participate. Portfolios must be established within ten days of the first day of trading. This means that applications must be received by midnight February 10 in order to participate in the February 1 to April 30 2018 challenge.

A limit of one portfolio can be allocated to each student netID in any one challenge.

In order to protect your privacy you must trade under a Corporate Name. This way no one knows that Superman Investments is really Clark Kent. But Lois Lane Investments is pretty easy to figure out. Within each college corporate names must be unique. So keep in mind that Illini Investments has probably been done and that copyrighted names - Google Investments or JP Morgan might get some corporate lawyers upset. So be creative - but be polite. UISES Administration reserves the right to override potentially contentious names.

University Challenge Flash Screen

College Teams: The results of each student portfolio contributes to their College team. So make sure that you specify the College in which you are registered.

RSO Team: The results of each student portfolio can contribute to one Registered Student Organization Team. In order to qualify for prizes the RSO must have at least five valid investment portfolios at the end of the challenge period.

Rules Apply


There are rules. Make sure that you have read and understand them before you begin the challenge.



The next challenge will run February 1 through April 30.

Applications will open January 2 and remain open through February 10.