MSF Faculty Directory

Jeffrey R. Brown
Professor of Finance and
William G. Karnes Professor of Finance and
Director of Center for Business & Public Policy

4034 BIF
(217) 333-3322

Roger E. Cannaday
Associate Professor Emeritus of Finance

140A Wohlers Hall
(217) 333-2278

Louis K.C. Chan
Professor of Finance and Department Chair and Hoeft Professor of Business

393 Wohlers Hall
(217) 333-6391

Stephen D'Arcy
Professor Emeritus of Finance

414 Wohlers Hall
(217) 333-0772

Joseph Finnerty
Professor Emeritus of Finance

414 Wohlers Hall
(217) 333-2815

Jim Gentry
Professor Emeritus of Finance

432 Wohlers Hall
(217) 333-7995

Timothy C Johnson
Professor of Finance and Robert and Karen May Faculty Fellow

343E Wohlers Hall
(217) 333-4089

Charles Kahn
Professor of Finance and
Fred S. Bailey Memorial Chair of Finance

340 Wohlers Hall
(217) 333-2813

Srinivasan Kannan
Clinical Professor of Finance

470F Wohlers Hall
(217) 333-7953

Josef Lakonishok
Professor of Finance

393 Wohlers Hall
(217) 333-7185

David Lins
Professor Emeritus of Finance

340 Wohlers Hall
(217) 333-0368

Morgan James Lynge
Professor Emeritus of Finance

435 Wohlers Hall
(217) 333-7099

Neil Pearson
Professor of Finance and
Harry A. Brandt Distinguished Professor of Financial Markets and Options

419 Wohlers Hall
(217) 244-0490

George Pennacchi
Investors in Business Education Professor of Finance

4041 BIF
(217) 244-0952

Joshua Pollet
Associate Professor of Finance and Seass Faculty Fellow

4039 BIF
(217) 300-1961

Mark Vonnahme
Investors in Business Education Clinical Professor and Director, MS Finance Program

106 Wohlers Hall
(217) 244-0350

Scott Weisbenner
Professor of Finance and James F. Towey Faculty Fellow

4031 BIF
(217) 333-0872

Ruth Yontz
Teaching Associate of Finance

470E Wohlers Hall
(217) 333-2844
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