What is the Finance Practicum?

The Finance Practicum is your opportunity to work as a member of a two-person team on a short-term project at a sponsoring corporation. The two-week project takes place in January, just prior to the start of the Spring term. The projects are structured so that a finished project is delivered to the sponsor at the end of the practicum. Generally you will do most of the work on the site of the firm.

The Practicum is administered by Illinois Business Consulting.

  How do I get involved in the Finance Practicum?

All MSF students have the opportunity to apply to participate in the Finance Practicum. Applicants to the practicum are asked to select their top project choices using a bidding system. A committee of faculty and staff will score the applicants and select the best participants for each project based on a variety of factors such as academic progress, work experience, faculty recommendations, and personal interviews. By mid-November, the faculty and student selection committee will notify selected applicants of their practicum assignment.

  Are there opportunities to network with alumni?

Illinois alumni are part of a distinguished and loyal community in the business world. The ILLINOIS network is far-reaching and provides a tremendous source of talent, intellect and opportunity for students. Alumni are invited back to campus to speak to students and participate in career fairs, Homecoming activities, and other campus events.

  Are there opportunities to meet and learn from top professionals?

Yes! You will have many opportunities to interact with finance professionals.

Industry executives are invited to campus to speak as part of the Finance Lecture Series. You will have the opportunity for Q & A with these speakers and in many cases, a smaller group of students with special interest in the lecture topic continue their questions and discussion at a special session with the speaker.

The MSF program takes short field trips to hear presentations from executives from such firms as Caterpillar, ADM, Anheuser-Busch, John Deere, Sara Lee, Chicago Board of Trade, and the Federal Reserve Bank among others.


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