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Stanley E. Fawcett, Gregory M. Magnan, and Matthew W. McCarter


First Author :

Stanley E. Fawcett
Donald L. Staheli Professor of Management, Marriott School
Brigham Young University
668 TNRB
Provo, UT 84602

Second Author :

Gregory M. Magnan
Associate Professor, Albers School of Business
Seattle University
Pigott 426
Seattle, WA 98122

Third Author :

Matthew W. McCarter
Doctoral Candidate, University of Illinois
College of Business
202 Survey
1206 S. Sixth Street
Champaign, IL 61820


Abstract :
Information integration is a leading aim for many supply-chain managers. Although the benefits of successful information integration are desirable, the barriers are quite daunting. Our study benchmarks the current status of information integration in supply chain management using indepth case study methodology at five channel positions. The study reveals two main dimensions to information integration: connectivity and willingness. We discuss both of these dimensions’ implications for managers and academics and provide prescriptive direction where research and development should be channeled to facilitate information integration success.
Keywords :
information integration, information technology, people management, Supply chain management
Manuscript Received : 2005
Manuscript Published : 2005
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