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"A Roadmap to Adopting Emerging Technology in E-Business - An Empirical Study"

Hsin-Lu Chang and Michael J. Shaw


First Author :

Hsin-Lu Chang
Department of Management Information Systems
Assistant Professor, National Chengchi University
Taipei 116

Second Author :

Michael J. Shaw
Department of Business Administration
Professor of Information Systems, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
College of Business
1206 S. Sixth Street, M/C 706
Champaign, IL 61820

Abstract :
This study explores the firmís readiness for developing emerging technology in e-business. By proposing a framework that captures technological, financial, and human capability within the firm and includes the environmental drivers of e-business, covering from partner willingness, capability, and power to collaboration readiness, this work develops a measurement model that organizations can evaluate how ready they are for the emerging e-business technology and what they should do to improve their readiness. Three-stage technology roadmap of emerging on-demand e-business is proposed. The results show that firmsí and partnersí individual capability are significant value drivers when firms are under low technology level, where the automation and integration is very limited. As firms start to develop more advanced e-business technology, collaboration readiness plays a critical role to determine the success. According to the results, each technology level has its own value enablers, and firms need to develop different adoption strategies to capture the value.
Footnotes & Acknowledgements :
This research was supported by the E-Business Emerging Technology Research project of Institute for Information Industry and sponsored by MOEA, R.O.C.
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Manuscript Received : 2005
Manuscript Published : 2005
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