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Joseph T. Mahoney

14-0101   Joseph T. Mahoney and Yasmine Kor
  Advancing the Human Capital Perspective on Value Creation by Joining Capabilities and Governance Approaches
  Abstract   Full Text

14-0100   Joseph T. Mahoney and Paul Godfrey
  'The Functions of the Executive' at 75: An Invitation to Reconsider a Timeless Classic
  Abstract   Full Text

13-0100   Judith Gebauer and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Joining Supply and Demand Conditions of IT Enabled Change: Toward an Economic Theory of Inter-Firm Modulation
  Abstract   Full Text

12-0102   Peter G. Klein, Joseph T. Mahoney, Anita M. McGahan, and Christos N. Pitelis
  Who is in charge? A property rights perspective on stakeholder governance
  Abstract   Full Text

12-0101   Ron Sanchez and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Modularity and Economic Organization: Concepts, Theory, Observations, and Predictions
  Abstract   Full Text

12-0100   Joseph T. Mahoney
  Towards a Stakeholder Theory of Strategic Management

11-0107   Jack A. Nickerson, C. James Yen, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Exploring the Problem-Finding and Problem-Solving Approach for Designing Organizations
  Abstract   Full Text

11-0106   Mahka Moeen, Deepak Somaya, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Supply Portfolio Concentration in Outsourced Knowledge-Based Services
  Abstract   Full Text

11-0105   Ravi Madhavan and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Evidence-Based Management in "Macro" Areas: The Case of Strategic Management
  Abstract   Full Text

11-0102   Elahe Javadi, Judith Gebauer, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  The Impact of User Interface Design on Idea Integration in Electronic Brainstorming: An Attention-Based View
  Abstract   Full Text

11-0101   Peter G. Klein, Joseph T. Mahoney, Anita M. McGahan, and Christos N. Pitelis
  Resources, Capabilities, and Routines in Public Organization
  Abstract   Full Text

11-0100   Bertram C. Bruce, Jeanne M. Connell, Chris Higgins, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  The Discourse of Management and the Management of Discourse
  Abstract   Full Text

10-0104   Min-Young Kim, Joseph T. Mahoney, and Danchi Tan
  A Balancing-Process Approach to Firm Internationalization
  Abstract   Full Text

10-0103   Fang-Yi Lo, Joseph T. Mahoney, and Danchi Tan
  The Relationship between Location-Bound Advantages and International Strategy: An Empirical Investigation
  Abstract   Full Text

10-0102   Andrea Gabor and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Chester Barnard and the Systems Approach to Nurturing Organizations
  Abstract   Full Text

10-0101   Nicolai J. Foss and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Exploring Knowledge Governance
  Abstract   Full Text

09-0106   Peter G. Klein, Joseph T. Mahoney, Anita M. McGahan, and Christos N. Pitelis
  Toward a Theory of Public Entrepreneurship
  Abstract   Full Text

09-0104   Joseph T. Mahoney and Lihong Qian
  Market Frictions, Governance and Economic Rents: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
  Abstract   Full Text

08-0110   Joseph T. Mahoney, Anita M. McGahan, and Christos N. Pitelis
  The Interdependence of Private and Public Interests
  Abstract   Full Text

08-0109   Mu Xia, Kexin Zhao, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Enhancing Value via Cooperation: Firms' Process Benefits From Participation in a Consortium
  Abstract   Full Text

08-0108   Jongwook Kim and Joseph T. Mahoney
  A Strategic Theory of the Firm as a Nexus of Incomplete Contracts: A Property Rights Approach
  Abstract   Full Text

08-0107   Sung Min Kim and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Resource Co-specialization, Firm Growth, and Organizational Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Organizational Restructuring and IT Implementations
  Abstract   Full Text

07-0111   Marcelo Bucheli, Joseph T. Mahoney, and Paul M. Vaaler
  Chandlerís Living History: The Visible Hand of Vertical Integration in 19th Century America Viewed Under a 21st Century Transaction Costs Economics Lens
  Abstract   Full Text

07-0110   Min-Ping Kang, Joseph T. Mahoney, and Danchi Tan
  Why Firms Make Unilateral Investments Specific to Other Firms: The Case of OEM Suppliers
  Abstract   Full Text

07-0108   Rajshree Agarwal, Rachel Croson, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Decision Making in Strategic Alliances: An Experimental Investigation
  Abstract   Full Text

07-0104   Kaouthar Lajili, Marko Madunic, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Testing Organizational Economics Theories of Vertical Integration
  Abstract   Full Text

07-0103   Heli C. Wang, Jinyu He, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Firm-Specific Knowledge Resources and Competitive Advantage: The Roles of Economic- and Relationship-Based Employee Governance Mechanisms
  Abstract   Full Text

07-0101   Preeta M. Banerjee and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Organization at the Limit: Lessons from the Columbia Disaster
  Abstract   Full Text

07-0100   Michael L. Pettus, Yasemin Y. Kor, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  A Theory of Change in Turbulent Environments: The Sequencing of Dynamic Capabilities Following Industry Deregulation
  Abstract   Full Text

06-0121   Nicolai J. Foss, Peter G. Klein, Yasemin Y. Kor, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Abstract   Full Text

06-0119   Joseph T. Mahoney and Anita M. McGahan
  The Field of Strategic Management within the Evolving Science of Strategic Organization
  Abstract   Full Text

06-0114   Yong Li, Barclay James, Ravi Madhavan, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Real Options: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
  Abstract   Full Text

06-0108   Yong Li and Joseph T. Mahoney
  A Real Options View of Corporate Venture Capital Investment Decisions: An Empirical Examination

06-0103   Jinyu He and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Firm Capability, Corporate Governance, and Firm Competitive Behavior: A Multi-Theoretic Framework
  Abstract   Full Text

06-0102   Sung Min Kim and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR) as a Relational Contract: An Incomplete Contracting Perspective
  Abstract   Full Text

06-0100   Jongwook Kim and Joseph T. Mahoney
  How Property Rights Economics Furthers the Resource-Based View: Resources, Transaction Costs and Entrepreneurial Discovery
  Abstract   Full Text

05-0124   Dingkun Ge, James M. Mahoney, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  New Venture Valuation by Venture Capitalists: An Integrative Approach
  Abstract   Full Text

05-0123   Jongwook Kim and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Appropriating Economic Rents from Resources: An Integrative Property Rights and Resource-Based Approach
  Abstract   Full Text

05-0121   Danchi Tan and Joseph T. Mahoney
  The Dynamics of Japanese Firm Growth in U.S. Industries: The Penrose Effect
  Abstract   Full Text

05-0120   Yasemin Y. Kor, Joseph T. Mahoney, and Steven C. Michael
  Resources, Capabilities and Entrepreneurial Perceptions
  Abstract   Full Text

05-0106   Kaouthar Lajili and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Revisiting Agency and Transaction Costs Theory Predictions on Vertical Financial Ownership and Contracting: Electronic Integration as an Organizational Form Choice
  Abstract   Full Text

04-0116   Joseph Mahoney, Cheryl Carleton Asher, and James Mahoney
  Towards a Property Rights Foundation for a Stakeholder Theory of the Firm
  Abstract   Full Text

04-0109   Joseph T. Mahoney and Regina C. McNally
  Explaining and Predicting the Choice of Organizational Form: Integrating Performance Ambiguity and Asset Specificity Effects
  Abstract   Full Text

04-0108   Yasemin Y. Kor, Sharon Watson, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Abstract   Full Text

04-0104   Joseph Mahoney and Steven Michael
  A subjectivist theory of entrepreneurship
  Abstract   Full Text

03-0113   Danchi Tan and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Examining the penrose effect in an international business context: the dynamics of japanese firm growth in u.s. industries
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0129   Danchi Tan and Joseph T. Mahoney
  An Empirical Investigation of Expatriate Utilization: Resource-based, Agency, and Transaction Costs Perspectives
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0116   Danchi Tan and Joseph T. Mahoney
  The Utilization of Expatriates: An Agency and Transaction Costs Theory of Managerial Transfer from a Multinational Parent Company to its Foreign Affiliate

02-0115   Sung Min Kim and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Mutual Commitment to Support Exchange: Specific IT System as a Substitute for Managerial Hierarchy
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0107   Jongwook Kim and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Property Rights Theory, Transaction Costs Theory, and Agency Theory: An Organizational Economics Approach

01-0130   Jongwook Kim and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Resource-Based and Property Rights Perspectives on Value Creation: The Case of Oil Field Unitization

01-0129   Yasemin Y. Kor and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Performance Outcomes of Resource Deployment Strategies, Top Management Experience and Corporate Governance

01-0120   Joseph T. Mahoney
  A Resource-Based Theory of Sustainable Rents

01-0101   Joseph T. Mahoney
  The Relevance of Chester I. Barnard's Teachings to Contemporary Management Education: Communicating the Aesthetics of Management