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Sonali Shah

06-0118   Sonali Shah, Rajshree Agarwal, and David Audretsch
  The Knowledge Context & The Entrepreneurial Process: Academic, User & Employee Entrepreneurship

06-0117   Sonali Shah and Mary Tripsas
  End-User Entrepreneurship: An Emergent & Collective Process

06-0116   John C. Dencker, Marc Gruber, and Sonali Shah
  Knowledge Acquisition Activities, Prior Knowledge and Experience & The Survival of New Firms

05-0107   Sonali Shah
  From innovation to firm formation in the windsurfing, skateboarding and snowboarding industries

04-0115   Sonali Shah
  Attracting & Retaining Volunteer Software Developers

04-0106   Sonali Shah and Mary Tripsas
  When do user-innovators start firms? towards a theory of user entrepreneurship

04-0105   Sheen Levine and Sonali Shah
  A framework for collective open innovation