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15-0100   Lecia Vicente
  The 'Puts' of the Company's Contract: Unlocking Unpreventable Problems of Private Ordering in Limited Liability Companies
  Abstract   Full Text

14-0101   Joseph T. Mahoney and Yasmine Kor
  Advancing the Human Capital Perspective on Value Creation by Joining Capabilities and Governance Approaches
  Abstract   Full Text

14-0100   Joseph T. Mahoney and Paul Godfrey
  'The Functions of the Executive' at 75: An Invitation to Reconsider a Timeless Classic
  Abstract   Full Text

13-0100   Judith Gebauer and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Joining Supply and Demand Conditions of IT Enabled Change: Toward an Economic Theory of Inter-Firm Modulation
  Abstract   Full Text

12-0102   Peter G. Klein, Joseph T. Mahoney, Anita M. McGahan, and Christos N. Pitelis
  Who is in charge? A property rights perspective on stakeholder governance
  Abstract   Full Text


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