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  • 2009 News Archives

    Teamwork pays off for 1st place team  (12/2009)
    Business Instructional Facility Achieves Top 'Green' Standard  (12/2009)
    Deloitte Case Competition  (12/2009)
    Fred H. Figge Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award  (12/2009)
    Business Senior Named Top Student on Campus  (12/2009)
    Hobson Prefers Furlough Alternative  (11/2009)
    Wisdom From Experience  (11/2009)
    Paper Acceptance  (11/2009)
    Building Your Personal Brand  (10/2009)
    Deloitte Tax Case Study Competition  (10/2009)
    In the Best Interest of the Public  (10/2009)
    Accountancy Professors Comment on Teaching IFRS  (10/2009)
    Peecher Investiture Ceremony Announced  (10/2009)
    The Business Side of Helping People  (10/2009)
    Accountancy Internship Leaves Student Fulfilled  (9/2009)
    Paper Acceptance  (9/2009)
    Up to the Challenge: What's Ahead for the Auditing Profession?  (9/2009)
    Future Minority Student Leaders  (8/2009)
    Associate Editor CAR  (8/2009)
    ATA/PwC Outstanding Tax Dissertation Award  (8/2009)
    Illinois CPA Society Bestows Special Award of Merit on University of Illinois Professor Ira Solomon  (6/2009)
    Video: Interview with Dean DeBrock  (5/2009)
    DeBrock Named College of Business Dean  (5/2009)
    Illinois CPA Society Excel Award Recipients Named  (5/2009)
    MS Tax Program's Convocation Ceremony  (5/2009)
    Business students capture award in ethics competition  (5/2009)
    Rewriting the Syllabus  (4/2009)
    Solomon Awarded 2009 AICPA "Distinguished Achievement in Accounting Education"  (4/2009)
    Center Plans National Conference to Examine Causes of the Economic Crisis and Explore Policy Solutions.  (4/2009)
    Paper Acceptance  (4/2009)
    Victor Bernard Memorial Scholar Named  (4/2009)
    Bryce Faulkner Receives 2009 FSA Student Award  (4/2009)
    JNJ Case Competition Winners  (4/2009)
    Heather Doxey Selected for KPMG's DPP Program  (4/2009)
    Paper Acceptance  (3/2009)
    Presentation at JAR Conference  (3/2009)
    Paper Acceptance  (3/2009)
    Playing to Win: Recessions and Caterpillar  (3/2009)
    A New Chapter in the Story of the ILLINOIS and Deloitte Relationship  (2/2009)
    Roxworthy '76 ACCY Appointed SVP-Tax Global Hyatt  (2/2009)
    Gov. Quinn Visits College of Business  (2/2009)
    The Role of Professional Accountants  (2/2009)
    Young Entrepreneurs Start Web Sites, Campustown Businesses  (2/2009)
    Beyond Compliance--Innovative Educational Materials Depict Auditor Independence as a Value Driver  (2/2009)
    Experts to Discuss Finding Work in a Sour Economy  (2/2009)
    Leadership Roundtable: Ashton and Ryan Clark  (1/2009)
    Accountancy Students Win National Case Competition  (1/2009)
    ILLINOIS Graduates Still in High Demand  (1/2009)
    Paper Acceptance  (1/2009)
    Paper Acceptance  (1/2009)

    UIUC College of Business Department of Accountancy