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  • 2014 News Archives

    W. Brooke Elliott: Slick 'corporate responsibility' reports can actually fool investors  (10/2014)
    Do the Right Thing  (10/2014)
    Accountancy senior Jennifer Bowley selected for 2014 Homecoming Court  (10/2014)
    W. Brooke Elliott: Less-numerate investors swayed by style, presentation of corporate responsibility reports  (10/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Brooke Elliott  (10/2014)
    W. Brooke Elliott: If your corporation wants to save the world, emphasize substance, not style, in responsibility reports  (10/2014)
    Accountancy senior Abhay Shah: 'Networking can serve as a great support system'  (10/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Laura Wang  (10/2014)
    Tax inversions: How US companies buy tax breaks; Elizabeth Chorvat cited  (9/2014)
    Introducing Infonomics: The Hidden Value of Information Assets  (9/2014)
    Accounting major Carmen Maiorano: 'Be yourself and stay disciplined'  (9/2014)
    Elizabeth Chorvat discusses tax inversions in New York Times  (9/2014)
    Editorial Board Appointment - Clara Chen  (9/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Michael Donohoe  (9/2014)
    Accountancy's programs remain top in US, according to Public Accounting Report  (9/2014)
    A minute with...Elizabeth Chorvat, expert on the effects of tax rules  (8/2014)
    A picture's worth a thousand words? Not in corporate reporting, says W. Brooke Elliott  (8/2014)
    Elizabeth Chorvat talks tax inversions on 'Real Money With Ali Velshi'  (8/2014)
    U of I continues to dominate as source of CFOs to Fortune 500, S&P 500 companies  (8/2014)
    Peecher named academic director of the Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society  (8/2014)
    Eric Draut '79 honored with President’s Call to Service Award  (7/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Kirsten Fanning  (7/2014)
    Medtronic deal could sting for long-time shareholders, Elizabeth Chorvat comments  (7/2014)
    Doug McConnell ’79 does marathons—in the water  (7/2014)
    Tax-Inversion Takeovers Deliver Market-Beating Returns: Real M&A  (6/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Clara Chen  (6/2014)
    Accounting major Joe McAsey earns 2nd-team All-America honors  (6/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Tim Bauer  (6/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Romana Autrey  (6/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Tracie Majors  (5/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Kristi Rennekamp  (5/2014)
    Accounting grad Kevin Daliva helps fight cancer on two wheels  (5/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Anne Thompson and Keith Czerney  (5/2014)
    Lessons on Leadership and Mentorship  (5/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Clara Chen, Flora Zhou and Ken Trotman  (5/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Romana Autrey  (4/2014)
    The Future of Audit  (4/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - A. Rashad Abdel-khalik  (4/2014)
    Editor Acceptance - Mark Peecher  (4/2014)
    College of Business maintains prestigious AACSB business accreditation  (4/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Kirsten Fanning  (3/2014)
    College's MS Tax Program ranked #1 in US  (3/2014)
    What You Need to Know About the US Tax System  (3/2014)
    PCAOB's 'Audit Failure' Rate Is Highly Suspect - Mark Peecher and Ira Solomon  (3/2014)
    The Importance of Being a Value-Driven Professional  (2/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Thomas Vance  (2/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Romana Autrey  (2/2014)
    Accounting junior Les Poole: A one-man balancing act  (2/2014)
    Accounting student Kevin Kim and team win BP energy competition  (2/2014)
    College of Business announces teaching excellence award winners  (2/2014)
    Paper Acceptance - Anne Thompson  (1/2014)
    Associate Editor Appointment - Brooke Elliott  (1/2014)
    Dain Donelson Promoted to Associate Professor @ UT-Austin  (1/2014)
    Editorial Board Appointment - Anne Thompson  (1/2014)

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