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  • 2011 Bronze Tablet Business Students


    Bronze Tablet Example

    Twenty of the two hundred and nine names appearing on the newest Bronze Tablet hanging in the Library this fall are College of Business students. Representing the top 3 percent of the 2011 graduating class, these top honors students are selected for their outstanding academic performance during their undergraduate study.

    Those listed include: (First Name, Last Name, Program, Home Town)

    • Shaistah Bahrainwala, Finance and Accountancy, Crystal Lake
    • Steven Buran, Finance (December 2010), Naples FL
    • Christine Cheng, Accountancy (December 2010), Champaign
    • Christopher Dardi, Accountancy and Finance, Park Ridge
    • Joseph Freund, Marketing and Management (December 2010), Burbank
    • Daniel Gilpin, Accountancy, Bloomington
    • Daniel Greenebaum, Finance and Accountancy, Flossmoor
    • Dayu Guo, Finance and Accountancy, Urbana
    • Matthew Gust, Finance and Molecular and Cellular Biology, Urbana
    • Kassandra Hasty, Accountancy, Champaign
    • Daniel Ito, Finance, Champaign,
    • Kyuchul Kim, Accountancy, Urbana
    • Jennifer Koys, Business Process Management, Naperville
    • Joonmo Lee, Accountancy, Palatine
    • Ellen Luster, Accountancy, Peoria
    • David Olsen, Finance and Management, Downers Grove
    • Chelsea Sallstrom, Business Process Management and Management, Naperville
    • Zachary Shaftal, Finance and Accountancy, Northbrook
    • Samantha Spitz, Accountancy, Batavia
    • Tania Tomanova, Finance and Accountancy (December 2010), Edwardsville
    University Honors and inclusion on the Bronze Tablet are the university's highest honors for graduating students. Winners must have a total grade-point average of at least 3.5 (out of a possible 4.0), although in recent years an average as high as 3.9 was needed to make the list in some colleges at Illinois.

    The first Bronze Tablet, bearing 14 names, appeared in 1925.

    UIUC College of Business Department of Accountancy