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  • Doctoral Students Awarded Irwin Fellowships


    Seven PhD students in the College of Business have been awarded Richard D. and Anne Marie Irwin Fellowships. According to Associate Dean Greg Oldham, each shows promise of future contributions to his or her discipline and to business education. The fellowship recipients are:

    • Emily Block is a PhD student in organizational behavior who is researching conflicts between social or ethical norms as seen in the timber industry where business and environmental standards are often in conflict
    • Jonathan Grenier, a PhD candidate in Accountancy who is researching auditor independence, professional skepticism, and the gap in expectations between auditor and client
    • Tianjiao Qiu, a PhD student in marketing is exploring inter-organizational marketing, product development, and supply-chain management
    • Andrew Reffet, a PhD student in Accountancy who is researching auditor motivation and its effects on performance
    • Carlos Torelli, a PhD student concentrating on marketing and researching consumer behavior in the global marketplace
    • Heather Vough is researching how employees experience their relationships with their employing organization for her PhD in organizational behavior
    • Kexin Zhao, a PhD student in Business Administration, is researching e-commerce and information and support systems

    UIUC College of Business Department of Accountancy