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  • A Most Impressive Showing by the Accountancy Department


    The College’s Department of Accountancy recently was recognized to an unprecedented extent by awards for auditing excellence from the American Accounting Association.
    At a January 2007 conference of the Association's Auditing Section, University of Illinois faculty, and alumni garnered four of a possible six awards for excellence in research, education, and service to the profession. Ira Solomon, Head of the Department of Accountancy states that he cannot remember any prior time at which there have been so many awards given to persons directly or indirectly affiliated with one university.
    “Indeed the University of Illinois Accountancy Department has long been very highly regarded, often appearing as number one in various rankings,” said Solomon, “but we are especially highly regarded and effective in the auditing area.  I am delighted that my colleagues and I have been recognized by the AAA members in this fashion.”

    The winners are:

    Mark E. Peecher, Deloitte & Touche teaching fellow and professor of accountancy, University of Illinois for Outstanding Auditing Dissertation Chair.  This award recognizes the person who chaired the dissertation committee for the recipient of the Outstanding Dissertation Award.

    Ira Solomon, professor of accountancy, R.C. Evans endowed chair in business and head of the University of Illinois Department of Accountancy, for Distinguished Service in Auditing. This award recognizes individuals who over a period of at least twenty years have made significant contributions to the profession, the section, and to scholarship.

    Gary Hecht, University of Illinois, PhD 2005, assistant professor of accounting at Emory University, for Outstanding Auditing Dissertation. This awarded is made to the author of the dissertation judged to make the most outstanding contribution to auditing knowledge.

    Eric Spires, University of Illinois, PhD 1987, associate professor of accounting and management information systems at The Ohio State University, for Outstanding Auditing Educator. Given annually, this award recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of auditing education.

    With 1,500 world-wide members, the Auditing Section of the American Accounting Association focuses on auditing with an emphasis on education, research, and service to practice.. The American Accounting Association was founded in 1916 and its members work to foster worldwide excellence in the creation, dissemination, and application of accounting knowledge and skills.

    UIUC College of Business Department of Accountancy