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  • Faculty Achieve Tenure, Receive Promotions


    Glenn Hoetker, Scott Weisbenner and Martin Wu in the Departments of Business Administration, Finance and Accountancy, respectively, have achieved tenure and will be promoted to rank of associate professor effective, August 16, 2007.

    Rajshree Agarwal  (Business Administration), Jeffrey Brown (Finance) and Michael Pratt (Business Administration) have also been promoted to full professor, effective August 16, 2007.

    Agrawal teaches business policy and strategy, innovation and technology management. Her research interests focus on the implications of entrepreneurship and innovation for industry and firm evolution. Some of her recent projects examine knowledge transfer through employee entrepreneurship, experience-based advantages in new product markets, and the influence of dynamic knowledge-based capabilities on firm performance. She joined the College in 2001.

    Brown teaches courses in financial economics and employee benefits. His primary research focus is on the interaction of public and private insurance markets, including annuities, life insurance, long-term care insurance, pensions and Social Security. He also is interested in stock market participation, dividend taxation, and the effect of inheritances on labor supply. He joined the College in 2002.

    Hoetker teaches corporate strategy and the management of technology and innovation. His research interests include management of technology and innovation, inter-organizational networks, the economy and institutions of Japan, and economic institutions and contracting. He joined the College in 2001.

    Pratt teaches courses in organizational behavior, human resource management, and qualitative methods. His research focuses on organizational culture and symbolism, the management and consequences of conflicting ideologies and identities, organizational attachment, organizational sensemaking / meaning-making, and intuitive decision-making. He joined the College in 1994.

    Weisbenner teachers courses in corporate finance, and his research interests include household portfolio decisions and how they are influenced by taxation and psychological factors; issues concerning retirement saving and pension plans; and corporate payout policy. He joined the College in 2000.

    Wu teaches managerial accounting and management control systems at both undergraduate and graduate levels. His research interests include information economics, agency theory, managerial incentive problems, performance evaluation, risk management, capital-investment decisions and equity valuation, and the economics of auditing. He joined the College in 2001.

    UIUC College of Business Department of Accountancy