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  • Future Business Alumni Leaders On Board With Networking


    It's never too early to network.  This is mantra of the Future Business Alumni Leaders (FBAL), a student future alumni group run by students who wish to get a jumpstart on networking even before they graduate. Now in its third year, the organization has an especially active schedule with a host of events planned to leverage professional relationships among College alumni.

    The official mission of FBAL is to act as liaisons and intermediaries with students and student organizations within the College of Business in order to form a mutually beneficial network of students and alumni.  Members will attend and participate in all the alumni events organized by College of Business External and Alumni Affairs over the coming academic year, from Homecoming, to the annual Spring Luncheon, to the 2007-2008 Roundtable Series sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers, and other signature Illinois events. FBAL will also host its own events, beginning with  speed networking on Friday, October 26, as part of Homecoming activities.

    "We are pleased to have an enthusiastic group of students spearheading the organization this year," said Paula Besson, Associate Director for Alumni Affairs.  "We hear over and over again from alumni how valuable intellectual engagement through networking is, and this is a great opportunity to connect and expose students to the same community that they'll be a part of someday."

    Accounting and finance sophomore Brittany D'Arcy, co-chair of FBAL, said she decided to get more involved this year because she realized not only could she learn from alumni, she could get access to them.

    "I like the idea of networking with alumni while still in school because you certainly don't get this chance every day," she said.  "The best people to learn from are alumni, and I'm looking forward to hearing first-hand about their experiences and triumphs along the way."

    Fellow co-chair Mark Schneider, a marketing senior, agrees, "In addition, you get to become part of a growing professional network and that's exciting."

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