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  • PhD Candidates Awarded Irwin Fellowships


    Seven PhD students in the College were awarded Richard D. and Anne Marie Irwin Fellowships in May. The awards, announced by Associate Dean Oldham, provide financial support and tuition and fee waivers to the graduate students, who are studying in the three academic departments in the College. The seven students are:

    A former corporate and public accountant, Ying Cao is starting her dissertation with the goal of joining the faculty of a top university. She is preparing a working paper for submission to a journal and is collaborating wiht three Department of Accountancy faculty on another paper.
    Erik Dane is a PhD candidate in organization behavior in the Department of Business Administration. A seasoned teaching assistant, he is teaching a class on his own this summer. He is lead author on a paper to be published in the Academy of Management Review.
    Qian Deng, a PhD candidate in the Department of Finance, has been a teaching and research assistant at Illinois, Because she enjoys teaching as well as research, she says she is looking forward to a career as a faculty member.
    Dain Donaldson has an academic background in finance and law and is pursuing his PhD in accountancy. His research is as interdisciplinary as his educational background and he hopes to teach financial account and financial statement analysis.
    A Chartered Financial Analyst who worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers before coming to Illinois, Brian Henderson is pursuing a PhD in finance. He hopes to become a faculty member because of his interest in teaching and research. He also received the Leonard J. and Sharon L. Santow Award for Teaching Excellence.
    Brandon Julio has already published two scholarly articles and authored several working papers. A PhD student in finance, Julio is also looking forward to a faculty career.
    Chongqi Wu, a PhD candidate in management science in the Department of Business Administration, has an article under review and is working on three other papers. A teaching assistant, he has been named to the campus list of outstanding instructors.

    UIUC College of Business Department of Accountancy