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  • Heather Doxey Selected for KPMG's DPP Program


    The University of Illinois will be represented again in the Department of Professional Practice (DPP) Rotational Program. Heather Doxey was selected from the Chicago KPMG LLP office to participate in the 2009 program when she graduates from the University of Illinois Department of Accountancy with a Master of Accounting Science degree this spring.  

    Each year KPMG selects four Associates from nearly 2,000 audit full-time hires to participate in a 12-month rotational program in KPMG's Department of Professional Practice (DPP), in New York City. This is the fourth year the University of Illinois has been represented in this program.

    Ms. Doxey commented on the selection by stating “I am very excited to have the opportunity to participate in KPMG’s Department of Professional Practice Program.  Being able to work with some of the top technical partners and managers at KPMG will be an incredible learning experience.  I hope to continue the success that past U of I graduates have had in the program.”

    The DPP experience includes working directly with our top technical partners and managers on research projects and analyzing technical inquiries from the field. In addition, during the year, the Associates return to their home office to do field work on a significant local office engagement.

    UIUC College of Business Department of Accountancy