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  • Study Tour Reactions


    Read some reactions to the study trip to Germany and the European Business School:

    “The world is becoming more and more competitive, and even the top students at the University of Illinois are going to meet a ton of competition from overseas. All of the students that I talked to from the EBS are multilingual and that gives them a huge leg up in the business world. They are also as up to date on America’s current events as I am, something I cannot say about Germany’s current events.
    This trip really impacted me because it opened my eyes to how competitive the world is actually becoming, as many students are very knowledgeable. This concrete realization will definitely encourage me to work harder in my own education and career.”
    -- Laura Nemeth, Accountancy

     “A trip like this definitely humbles a person. You have to reach out to whomever possible that can help you out, likely kids since they are learning English in school. It means a lot to others when you are at least trying to make an effort to acclimatize yourself to a new environment.”
    -- Mark Stachnik, Accountancy


    “The trip from Germany was nothing like I expected it to be.. Returning from the trip, I had an entirely different perspective on the business world and the European Union which has led me to different career aspirations. I could not have asked for a better spring break.”
    -- Stephanie Chin, Org Admin


    “I now have a new perspective on everything I do. Americans will need to be increasingly competitive about the global marketplace to stay competitive and must learn that international collaboration will take them much farther than international competition.”
    -- Scott Berka, Marketing


    “From the lectures at the European Business School to the different scheduled tours to going out and exploring Germany on my own, I learned more in seven days than I could ever have imagined.”

    -- Phillip Leu, MIS


    UIUC College of Business Department of Accountancy