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  • Faculty Accolades


    by Sarah Small

    Faculty in the College of Business put a lot into their teaching and it shows. Already this semester, several have been identified for prestigious accolades.

    Just five teachers on campus, out of more than 3,000, were honored for their teaching excellence with an Outstanding Faculty Award from the Illinois Student Senate last Wednesday, February 17. Two were from the College of Business: Victor Mullins, associate dean of undergraduate affairs, and Raghu Venugopalan, assistant professor in accountancy.

    “I was voted among the top five teachers,” Mullins said, “specifically for teaching the Freshman Class of 2013 Module 1 of Business 101.”

    Earlier in the year, Mullin’s students even created a Facebook page to express their appreciation for his teaching.

    Venugopalan said of his award, “It came as a pleasant surprise; I did not know such an award existed. It energizes me and tells me that I must be doing something right in the classroom. I thank the M.S. Technology Management program students in my Accountancy 500 class that nominated me and the Illinois Students Senate for instituting the award.”

    In late April, David Sinow, clinical professor of finance, will recieve the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for Instructional Staff award from the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

    "I am profoundly gratified to receive this award, especially since there are so many deserving members of our University faculty, who are superb teachers," said Sinow. "It is indeed a humbling experience to realize that my educational peers chose me to receive this award.  I will endeavor to live up to their expectations."

    Also in late April, the efforts of three other teachers in the College will be celebrated at the annual Spring Luncheon in Chicago. Steven Michael, professor in business administration, Madhu Viswanathan, professor in business administration, and Brian White, teaching assistant in accountancy will each receive the College of Business Alumni Association Excellence-in-Teaching Award, which includes a cash award.

    “I am deeply honored to be selected,” Viswanathan said. “This is a College with so many great teachers.”

    “To be paid to do something you love is a dream come true for me, and to be recognized for doing it well is a great honor,” Michael said. “I am very grateful to the Department, the College, and the Alumni Association for the constant reminder that teaching matters.”

    UIUC College of Business Department of Accountancy