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  • Mark Peecher, Deloitte & Touche Professor of Accountancy


    by Sarah Small

    Video: Watch a streaming video of the investiture ceremony.

    Mark Peecher, professor in Accountancy, who holds bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. degrees in accountancy from ILLINOIS, received a special recognition March 16 when he was recognized as the Deloitte & Touche Professor of Accountancy.

    Dick Wheeler, interim vice chancellor for academic affairs and vice provost, spoke about the importance of the event for Peecher, the Department of Accountancy, and the University, “[Investiture ceremonies] are a way of our telling ourselves what I think the  rest of the world knows anyway—that ILLINOIS is a very special place and we have extraordinary people.

    Wheeler also recognized the donor for the professorship, “One of the great things about investitures is that they recognize not only the strengths that we have within us, but the connections that we have with the world and the kind of connection we have had with Deloitte over the years is one of the very special ones for the University.”

    Head of the Department of Accountancy, Ira Solomon, spoke of Peecher’s strengths as an educator and a researcher and how his contributions have strengthened the College and the accountancy program.

    “Faculty excellence is anything but rare in the College of Business,” Solomon said. “That said, the accomplishments of a small number of our colleagues sometimes stand out, even against the backdrop of outstanding ILLINOIS faculty.”

    Solomon spoke about Peecher’s empirical research focusing on the psychology underlying judgment choice in external auditing. Peecher teaches assurance, financial-statement auditing and doctoral seminars on behavioral research.

    “He works hard, but more importantly to me, he thinks deeply and cares a great deal about his scholarship, his students, and the quality of the education they receive,” Solomon said.

    Deloitte was credited several times during the ceremony, and it was noted that the investiture for the Deloitte & Touche Professor of Accountancy was held in the Deloitte Auditorium of the Business Instructional Facility.

    Howard Engle, partner at Deloitte, ILLINOIS alumnus, and adjunct professor in the Department of Accountancy spoke of the relationship Deloitte has with the College of Business and specifically the relationship Deloitte has developed with Peecher through his educational and research assistance, including the development of a series of instructional materials.

    Concluding the ceremony, Peecher thanked Deloitte, the College, the Department of Accountancy, and especially, his family and friends for their support of him in his academic work and research, “I’m truly amazed and humbled by the people and life circumstances that, in my view, the good Lord has surrounded me with.”

    UIUC College of Business Department of Accountancy