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The Department of Accountancy is one of the world’s leading institutions of accountancy education.  The department seeks students who individually and collectively are among the most capable in the nation and who offer substantial promise for success in graduate studies and in the practice of accountancy.

The department seeks a mix of students with varying backgrounds and experiences.  We seek to achieve a student class diversity that has the potential to enrich everyone’s education and thus make the accountancy student class greater than the sum of its parts.

The Accountancy Diversity Scholarship program seeks to provide financial support to students who will further the Department’s diversity objectives.  The award consists of a full tuition waiver plus a $10,000 stipend.  The Department considers many factors, both individually and holistically, in awarding Accountancy Diversity Scholarships, including:

· Undergraduate grade point average, both cumulative and for the accountancy curriculum;

· Information in the Accountancy Scholarship application

·A personal statement that indicates the ways in which your talents and experiences will contribute to the Accountancy/Business graduate student body at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  You may illustrate with examples of your contributions to the diversity of your undergraduate student body.

· At least two letters of recommendation;

· Financial need.  

Depending upon the individual, many diversity factors may be relevant.  Some examples include ethnicity, cultural heritage, recent immigration and citizenship (i.e., whether you are a first or second generation US citizen), educational attainment of parents and grandparents (i.e., whether you are a first generation college student), significant life experiences and challenges, special talents, and community service.

Visit our application page to begin the process.

UIUC College of Business Department of Accountancy