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Our Academic Year at ESADE in Barcelona has been FANTASTIC... no surprise there

NYT, 36 hours in Barcelona (2012)


My favorite restaurants in Madrid and Barcelona as of Sept 2008! [needs to be updated!}

NYT on Barcelona:



Recent INTERNATIONAL TRIPS (other than Spain!):

RIO (June 2010) --AIB   CG Session Copacabana1 Copacabana2 

SEOUL  (October 2009) temple   traditional dress (sort of)  with my mom


CHINA-- AIB 2006:

Ruth at AIB 2006 Decade Award JIBS paper(Beijing, China) photo1 photo2 photo3

Chinese National People's Congress  with Anna, Lina and Marcelo

Great Wall with Lina Deng and Marcelo Bucheli after AIB; The Great Wall is a killer hike; I mean a real killer hike but the most amazing I have ever done!

Visit to HKUST and to HK with Jinyu He View from the Peak at Victoria Island

Petroleum University our hosts and their leisure time

JAPAN to work at RIETI with my co-author and friend Gregory Jackson


Why Mergers Fail?


* IF you "really" need my high definition picture: click here




OUR CHILDREN: Adam, Anna "i" Julia


Halloween 2010: Adam: soccer player-- Julia: some outfit from Adam;  --Anna: princess


Buscant les gallines: Julia Anna


Fall 2010 Sculptures Adam, Julia i Anna


Summer 2010 in Can Tito: sisters  Adam


Anna and Julia in 4th of July Parade, 2010: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gcziko/sets/72157624342137631/show/


Adam at futbol  (Spring 2010)  October 2010 Guess what's his team?


September 2009 at Crystal's wedding--Adam was the ring bear Photo


Dec 2008 Happy Holidays -- Bon Any Nou! Photo1 and  Photo2


The twins at the lab school (Fall 2008)


Oct 2008 in Urbana


First day in the new ECDL classroom: Anna and Julia, Sept 2008

Adam's first day of Kindergarten: Ready or not! one two


Adam and "the sisters", July 2008, Can Tito, Barcelona


Julia and Anna love to go to school (at Early Child Development Lab, UIUC):

-- Calling their buddies: both, Anna and Julia

-- starting to work on integrals and French  :-)

--who is messier? this one (Anna)

--who is more serious? this one... but not always (Julia)


January in Can Tito (my mother's house in Barcelona): twins, Adam and twins


The twins turned one year old... we survived!


Adam in snowed Urbana (Dec 2007)

Twins are eight months old

Twins six month old

Our Newest Additions to the Family: Anna and Julia born on Jan 3rd, 2007

El nostre Caga Tio - Nadal 2006

Adam guitar   Adam and George Feb 2007

What we listen to: http://www.ralphsworld.com/        ALL THE TIME!

and Dan Zanes






Footnote--managing three kids -- help --nannies

Please feel free to contact me (ruth-agu@uiuc.edu) if you need a reference for "Marcy Price" nanny , formerly Marcy Shaner or "Nick Shaner" (Marcy Sharakau) or Nannies Incorporated in Champaign, IL.