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CURRENT STUFF (Fall 2010):


Garcia Castro, R,. Aguilera, R. V., and Ariño, M.A. "Bundles of Corporate Governance Mechanisms: A Fuzzy Set Analysis."

Aguilera, R. V., Tribo, J. and Surroca, J. "Is Managerial Entrenchment Always Bad for CSR?"


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Kabbach de Castro, Aguilera and Crespi-Cladera. "Ownership Structure and Strategic Behavior in Latin America”

Flores and Aguilera "Exploring the limits of MNCs’s mimetic behavior: The case of U.S. International Joint Ventures' Location"

Jackson, G. and R.V. Aguilera. “Some Determinants of Diversity on Cross-National Corporate Ownership: A Fuzzy Sets Approach.” RIETI, Tokyo Working Paper. UNDER RE-CONSTRUCTION!!! NEW VERSION SOON.

Kim, N., Broschak, J. and Aguilera, R.V. “Taking Stock on the Embeddedness: A Systematic Review of the Evolution of the Construct.”


Aguilera, R.V. and Dencker, J. C. “Determinants of Acquisition Completion: A Relational View”


Vadera, A. and R.V. Aguilera. “Language and Institutionalization of Practices: Usage of White-collar Crime, 1939-2002.”  


 Desender, García-Cestona, Crespi-Cladera, and Aguilera "Board Characteristics and Audit Fees: Why the Ownership Structure Matters?"



Old Working papers:

  • Aguilera, R.V., J. C. Dencker, and X. Escandell. (2008) “Left at the Altar? A Relational View of Mergers and Acquisition Announcements in the 1990s.” REVISED VERSION!

  • Global Banks as Global Sustainability Regulators:  the Equator Principles (with Cynthia A. Williams, Peer Zumbansen, Poonam Puri, Deborah Rupp, and John Conley), November 2007.

  • Aguilera, R.V. “National State Differences and Patterns of Directorship Interlocks: A Comparative Study of Italy and Spain.”

  • Aguilera, R. V. and G. Yip. “An Institutional Model of Corporate Governance Systems and Multinational Globalization."

  • Aguilera, R. V. and G. Yip. “Corporate Governance and Global Strategy.”

  • Rupp, D. E., Ganapathi, J., Aguilera, R. V., and Williams, C. A. “The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Employee Attitudes and Behaviors: The Mediating Role of Social Exchange.”

  • Aguilera, R.V. and M. Bucheli. (2007) “A Comparative Analysis of Corporate Governance Systems in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela.”

  • Rialp, J., R. V. Aguilera, and B. Simonin. “The Establishment of Collaboration Agreements: Determinants of the Consequence on Firm Valuation.”

  • Aguilera, R. V. “Who Goes and Who Stays? An Empirical Analysis of Director Turnover in Acquired Firms.”


NEW RESEARCH PROJECTS (data collection and analysis stage)

Fuzzy Sets: Comparative Cross-National Analysis:

Aguilera, R.V. and Jeong, D. Y. “Enterprise Unionism in Latin America?: A Comparative Study of Six Latin American Countries”

White-Collar Crime and Corporate Governance:

Vadera, A. and R.V. Aguilera. (2008). “Language and Institutionalization of Practices: Usage of White-collar Crime, 1939-2002.”  

Vadera, A. and R.V. Aguilera, B. Caza (2008) “Whistle-blowing as positive deviance:  A review and research agenda” under review at Business Ethics Quarterly.

International Embeddedness:

         Aguilera, R. V., and Broschak, J. “Cross-national Study of Embeddedness: An Empirical Study of International Advertising Agencies.”

Country Groupings in International Business Research:

Vaaler, P., R.V. Aguilera and R. Flores. “Regional Effects on Country Attractiveness for MNC Investment: A Simulated Annealing Perspective.”

Location Choice of International Joint Ventures:

Aguilera, R., Dencker, J., and R. Flores. “Globalization and the Over Time Changes in the Partner Choices of U.S. International Joint Ventures.”


Corporate Governance in China and India:

         Aguilera, R. V., “A Comparative Historical Analysis of Corporate Governance in China and India.”





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Aguilera, R. V. and Vadera, A. (2010) Law and Capitalism. What Corporate Crises Reveal about Legal Systems and Economic Development around the World by Milhaupt, Curtis and Pistor, Katharina.

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* My first refereed publication when I was an undergraduate at the School of Economics at Universitat de Barcelona:

Aguilera-Vaqués, R. (1992) "Para una Sociología del Racismo: Análisis Comparativo de

las Pautas de Matrimonio entre las Personas de Raza Blanca y Negra." Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas, 60:47-61. ["Towards a Sociology of Racism: Comparative Analysis of Marriage Patterns among Whites and Blacks in the U.S. and the U.K."]



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