Become an AKPsi Corporate Sponsor

Sponsorship Information

Become a Corporate Sponsor! Sponsoring Alpha Kappa Psi will provide maximum exposure not only to our members, but also to many students within the College of Business!

Benefits of our Sponsorship Package:

Recruitment Opportunities: Utilize your network with members of Alpha Kappa Psi to develop long-term relationships that will allow you to create a recruitment pipeline for talented students before they start applying for internships.

Many of our members have attended leadership conferences, held internships, and started careers with our corporate sponsors. These students have had multiple opportunities to develop relationships with the recruiters. This allows our members to learn about opportunities with our sponsors, as well as for our sponsors to truly get to know more about their candidates before the formal interview process.

Relationship with the College of Business: Alpha Kappa Psi has a strong, working relationship with the faculty and administrators of the College of Business, Business Career Services, and the Council of Presidents. Sponsoring AKPsi allows your company to create ties beyond AKPsi, bridging relationships with contacts in the College of Business.

Alpha Kappa Psi's Network: Over 90% of AKPsi's members are involved in other business organizations across the College of Business, including but not limited to the Business Honors Program, Finance Academy, Technology & Management, and Illinois Business Consulting. Your company's relationship and reputation with our members will expand to other organizations across the College of Business.

Alpha Kappa Psi Public Relations: Alpha Kappa Psi is known as the largest and oldest business fraternity on campus. We pride ourselves on our advertising during the recruitment season. As a sponsor, your logo will appear everywhere our logo appears. This includes recruitment t-shirts that all of our members wear, AKPsi's newly designed website, and 5,000+ posters and handouts advertising for our Rush week. Your company name will also be a part of our rush video, shown to approximately 300 people each semester.

Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as a group of bright and talented individuals, and we've worked hard to create a strong brand for our organization. It is our hope that your company will choose to become a corporate sponsor in order to be a part of the AKPsi brand.


Sponsorship Packages

Each year, our Corporate Sponsors donate money to the Epsilon Chapter in order to make our visions of professional development a success. The corresponding packages we offer our sponsors contain many different options in order to create a lasting partnership between the fraternity and its sponsors.  

The list below outlines just a few examples of the many events that were coordinated throughout the semester, many of which would not have been possible without our sponsors’ support:


A process that gives all students within the College of Business the chance to learn the values, goals, and visions of Alpha Kappa Psi.

Commerce Night Out

An excellent opportunity for members to develop networking skills while learning how to interact among professionals in a social setting.

Professional Development Handbook

A book intended to guide members through proper business etiquette and techniques. The information spans from resumes and cover letters to interview preparation.

Professional Development Conference

A chance for your company to conduct mock interviews, resume critiques, and inform members about opportunities at your company.

College of Business Speaker Series and Chapter Presentation

Allows your company to present to students in the College of Business or exclusively to members of Alpha Kappa Psi.

For more information on becoming a Corporate Sponsor, including details pertaining to our various sponsorship packages, please contact Kevin Doherty at