Reaching Out


Commerce maintains a strong commitment to outreach activities, through wide-ranging resources and programs. Funded by grants and endowments and devoted to the study of business subjects and issues — from entrepreneurship to international trade — Research and Learning Centers now number a dozen. And academic lecture series draw on the expertise of members of the professional community — including our own distinguished alumni.

Research And Learning Center Activities

TALK ABOUT A SNAPPY ACRONYM, CISTM, SHORT FOR THE CENTER FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT, is a title that goes to the very heart of the mission of this research center, established at CBA during the 1997-98 academic year. Launched with a planning grant from the university's Critical Research Initiative, CISTM has gone on to secure full funding — almost $145,000 — for a two-year study of electronic commerce. This award underwrites work by a fifteen-member interdisciplinary task force, drawn not only from Commerce, but also from the faculties of the College of Engineering, Beckman Institute, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, and the Department of Psychology. Their mission is to find ways that information technology can be viewed as the enabler for new business models and strategies. "The core of the proposed research is applying multidisciplinary approaches integrating technology and strategic perspectives to study the emerging electronic commerce and to identify new business models and insights," notes Mike Shaw, professor of business administration and director of the center. Shaw cites seven areas of research:
  • Consumer survey and market analysis
  • Virtual reality and simulation
  • Consumer behavior analysis
  • Web-based enterprises
  • Economic analysis of Internet business models
  • Business-to-business supply chain management
  • Electronic commerce for global business

Other CBA profs involved in the project include: Andy Bailey, David Gardner, Charles Kahn, Kent Monroe, Greg Oldham, Seymour Sudman, and Howard Thomas.

Drawing on the strength of the Commerce faculty, Shaw is working with other faculty members and industrial partners to add research and learning programs in technology strategy and high-tech entrepreneurship.



THE OFFICE OF REAL ESTATE RESEARCH (ORER) along with several other real estate programs throughout the United States, was selected to receive a three-year, $60,000 grant from the Research and Education Trust Fund of the Mortgage Bankers Association of America, in support of ORER's real estate finance program. In conjunction with Loyola University, Chicago, the Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association, and the Northern Illinois Commercial Association of Realtors, ORER used the grant to offer a seven-week course in the spring of 1998 titled "Commercial Mortgage Securitization." The course was held on the Loyola campus and will be offered again in the spring of 1999, along with a two-week short course about current issues in the commercial mortgage securitization industry.

Grant money is also funding a Mortgage Bankers Association Lecture Series, held on the UIUC campus in conjunction with the Real Estate Financial Markets course. Speakers for the lecture series include prominent industry professionals and academicians speaking on a variety of topics related to real estate finance.

A  NEW COURSE TITLED "ISSUES IN ARCHITECTURE" WAS OFFERED IN THE SPRING OF 1998 by the College of Fine and Applied Arts with funding provided by an outside donor through the Office of Real Estate Research. The course was created to offer business students an opportunity to learn about issues in architecture. It will be offered again in the spring of 1999.

THE ORER IS SERIOUS ABOUT THE QUALITY OF ARTICLES IN ITS ILLINOIS REAL ESTATE LETTER. So serious, in fact, that it offers awards of up to $2,000 for articles accepted for publication. Since implementing this policy, the articles in the newsletter have been of extremely high quality. As an industry-funded, university-based research center, ORER has an obligation to present conceptual issues in a format that is accessible to the educational community, the professional real estate community, and interested members of the public. The highly regarded Illinois Real Estate Letter does just that.



Illinois Statistical Abstract


small sampling of the many interesting facts in the 1998 edition of the Illinois Statistical Abstract. Newly published by the Commerce Office of Research, the latest version of this highly regarded resource book — which is unique in the variety and scope of the information it offers on the State of Illinois — contains an enormous range of up-to-date statistics from more than forty different sources. With stats on sectors that range from business, agriculture, and industry to population, energy, and education — and also including transportation, income, recreation, and crime — this is a valuable reference for offices and libraries. The Abstract is available as an 864-page volume and on diskette and CD-Rom. (Both of the latter offer user-friendly software interfaces.) For a brochure, call 217-333-2331. Or check it out on the Web:



Office of Accounting Research
Office for Banking Research
Office of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Bureau of Economic and Business Research
Center for Information Systems and Technology Management
Center for Economic Education
Program in Health Economics, Management, and Policy
Center for International Business Education and Research
Office of International Strategic Management
International Trade Center
Office of Organizational Research
Office of Real Estate Research



The autumn semester brought many distinguished members of the business community to talk and visit with CBA students. The Emerson Cammack Lecture Series is sponsored by the Department of Finance, while the Professional Lyceum is arranged by the Department of Accountancy and Executives-in-Residence visit campus courtesy of Alumni Affairs.


Fran Anderson, CPCU, Bridge Communities Inc.

Richard Carlson (AM 1969, EMBA 1985), Illinois CHIP

Richard Erickson (BS Finance 1972), President, Quad Cities Risk Managers

Mil Grauer (BS Commerce Curriculum 1949), CLU, ChFC, President, Chartered Financial Service, Inc.

Fred Kist, Actuary, CNA Financial Corporation

Laurel Matthews, Indiana Insurance Companies

Charles McClenahan, William M. Mercer, Inc.

Daryl Miller (MBA 1983)

Lissa May Mudrick (AB French 1980), CLU, State Farm Insurance

Ed Rust, President, State Farm

Michael Sheppard, SURS

Mark Strauch (BS Finance 1977), Treasurer, Arthur J. Gallagher and Company

Albert Wohlers (AB LAS Economics 1939), Chairman, Albert H. Wohlers & Co. (retired)

John W. Wright, II (BS Physical Education for Men 1969), General Agent, Northwestern Mutual Life and Baird Securities


Mike Muhney (BS Finance 1974), Founder and CEO, CelebritySoft, Inc.

Tom Lewicki (MAS 1979), CPA, Business & Financial Consulting Services, former CFO, Spyglass

Robert Ady (BS Marketing 1958), Co-Managing Partner, World Business Chicago


Daniel P. Doheny (BS Accountancy 1984), Partner, KPMG Peat Marwick LLP

Howard Engle (BS Accountancy 1972), Partner, Arthur Andersen & Co.

John Gilbertson, Managing Director of Investment Banking, Goldman Sachs

John Kloet (BS Accountancy 1975), Manager, International Accounting, Deere & Company

Dave Kuhl, President and CEO, Busey Bank

Doug Mills (BS Marketing 1962), Chairman of the Board, First Busey Corporation

Tim Reierson (BS Accountancy 1981), Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Tom Vogelsinger (BS Business Administration 1973, MBA 1974), Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

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