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Graduate Minor in Corporate Governance and International Business (IB)

Program Overview

Our students will be working in a global economy in performing their professions. They need to have an appreciation for as well as an understanding of various business and management practices involving corporate governance, accounting, human resources and finance within different countries as well as within different geographic regions, such as the European community.

Prerequisites For Minor

Students must be admitted to one of the MS programs in the College of Business or a graduate program in a related discipline approved by Department of Business Administration. Students from all graduate programs in Business (e.g., MS in Finance, MS in Accountancy, MS in Technology Management, etc.) are eligible to minor in this area.


The minor consists of selecting a set of three courses from the list of courses below:

Program Focus

The minor in Information Technology and Control will focus on developing leaders in various business fields who are interested in working in multinational companies with subsidiaries in emerging markets and global professional service firms such as accounting or consulting firms who operate in international arena. The minor will provide not only a strong foundation in International Business and Governance area but could be tailored to fit the specific career needs of our students. It specifically covers topics such as (1) how to create value for multinational partners, employees with diverse cultural backgrounds, and shareholders by designing better organizations and corporate governance; and (2) how managerial practices differ in various national/cultural contexts and why managers must be able to understand the strategic, financial, and economic implications of these differences in managing multinational corporations. better information systems to improve value-adding activities, business processes effective in delivering value and services. The minor will provide not only a strong foundation in International Business and Governance area but could be tailored to fit the specific career needs of our students.

Admission Process

Students will make written application to the Department of Business Administration. If admitted, the student will be notified along with the student’s graduate program director and adviser by email. The application form includes approval from the student’s academic advisor and the director of the graduate program to which the student is already admitted or enrolled. Department of Business Administration’s Coordinator of Graduate Programs will be responsible for overseeing the graduate minor admission process. The preliminary application is available at the following link:

Concentration and Minor Applications

Please note that students in the Master of Accounting Science should make initial application through their Department:

Advising Notes

Please check the availability of the courses listed with the Department of Business Administration during the registration period each semester. This Graduate Minor in Information Technology and Control has been approved the College of Business.

Contact: J. E. Miller, Coordinator of Graduate Programs, Department of Business Administration –


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