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Management - International Business

General International Elective Courses

Select one course from the following approved list of courses relating to international trade, international economics, or international finance. This list is effective June 2012 and will be reviewed periodically with courses added and removed.

A student may substitute a course not on the list  (including BADM 394 (junior-senior independent study) or BADM 395 (junior-senior special topics) with appropriate content) by obtaining consent in advance from the Head of the Department of Business Administration or designee.

Course # Course Name
ACE 251 The World Food Economy
ACE 435 Global Agribusiness Management
ACE 451 Agriculture in Intl Dev
ACE 455 Intl Trade in Food and Agr
ECON 420 International Economics*
ECON 450 Development Economics*
GEOG 465 Transp and Sustainability
PS 240 Introduction to Comp Politics
PS 241 Comparative Politics in Developing Nations
PS 280 Intro to Intl Relations
PS 281 Intro to Intl Relations-ACP
PS 282 Governing Globalization
PS 382 Intl Political Economy*
PS 386 International Law*
PS 387 National Security Policy*
SOC 364 Impacts of Globalization
UP 423 Into International Planning

* These courses may have enrollment restrictions prior to the beginning of the semester.


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