Engineering version of the multiple choice exam:

Rumour has it that this is a true story from the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois.


Two Engineering students left Champaign Friday afternoon for a weekend in Chicago. They hadn't been home for weeks and there was a party Saturday night they did not want to miss. The plan was to drive back Sunday afternoon so that they would have time to study for their MidTerm exam Monday morning. (The unwritten Undergraduate law book at UI states that anyone who begins studying more than twelve hours before the exam is totally uncool.)

The party was indeed worth coming home for and, needless to say, Monday morning found them still sacked out on the livingroom floor in a house in the Chicago suburbs. So much for the MidTerm.

They arrived in Champaign early Monday afternoon and immediately went to see their Engineering Professor. The students explained that they had been in Chicago at a family occasion and had risen at the ungodly hour of four to drive back to Champaign. They would have been in plenty of time for the MidTerm were it not for that miserable flat tire half way between Kankakee and Champaign.

The professor was sympathetic and agreed that the two could write a make up exam first thing Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning the Professor placed one student at the TA's desk in his office and one student two doors down in the office of an absent colleague.

The first question - worth 20% - was a standard Engineering question. Neither student had overmuch difficulty with it.

The second question - worth 30% - was a slightly more complex question, but certainly answerable.

The third question - worth 50% - asked "Which tire was flat?"