Grading Criteria

A+ [97%] 582 - 600
A [93%] 558 - 581
A- [90%] 540 - 557
B+ [87%] 522 - 539
B [83%] 498 - 521
B- [80%] 480 - 497
C+ [77%] 462 - 479
C [73%] 438 - 461
C- [70%] 420 - 437
D+ [67%] 402 - 419
D [63%] 378 - 401
D- [60%] 360 - 377

F   0 - 359

Grades are neither given nor negotiated; they are earned.

There is no curve for this class. You earn points for meeting the various requirements of the course and are then assigned a grade accordingly.

A student must have a passing grade in each component of the class order to earn a passing grade for the course; a failing average in any one component will result in a failing grade for the course regardless of the overall average.

  1. Individual Work (pass is a D-)
  2. Group Projects (pass is a D-)

Grading Criteria

Individual Work


     Eight Pop Quizzes 40 points
     Quiz Total 40 points 40 points

Weekly Homework

     Weekly Homework 120 points
     Homework Total 120 points 120 points


     Mid-term exam 120 points
     Cumulative Final Exam 180 points
     Examination Total 300 points 300 points

Individual Work Total

460 points

460 points

Group Work

Group Projects

     Equity Analysis Report 40 points
     Bond Analysis Report 40 points
     Group Project Total 80 points 80 points

Investment Simulation

     Stewardship Report #1 20 points
     Stewardship Report #2 20 points
     Stewardship Report #3 (International) 20 points
     Investment Simulation Total 60 points 60 points

Group Work Total

140 points

140 points


Course Total


600 points

600 points

  • Assignments are due on the dates and times given in the Calendar of Exams and Due Dates. Assignments handed in late will be assessed a late penalty equal to 20% of the grade for every business day for which the project is late. Thus a project due Monday at 10:00 am and handed in Monday night at 6:00 pm is one business day late. This project will earn 80% of its full mark.

  • Mid-Term Exam: You must take the in-class, mid-term exam in the class and section in which you are registered, on the date and time of the regularly scheduled class.
    • If you are unable to take the regularly-scheduled in-class mid-term exam then you may petition to take the conflict exam Tuesday, February 27, 2018 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. The petition deadline is Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 5pm. If your petition is accepted you must write the conflict exam at the time indicated in the course calendar and at the place communicated to you.
    • If you are unable to take the regularly-scheduled in-class mid-term exam, and unable to take the conflict exam, due to verifiable circumstances beyond your control, you must contact the Emergency Dean immediately to request a letter excusing your absence. You must promptly inform your instructor about the reasons for your absence.If the Emergency Dean issues a letter verifying the your absence was due to circumstances beyond your control and verified by the Dean's Office, either the instructor can permit a make-up exam or the the cumulative final exam will be pro-rated accordingly, at the discretion of the instructor.

  • Final Exam: You must take the final exam at the time and place appointed by the University. If you are unable to take the final exam at the appointed time for reasons in accordance with University Policy on final exams then you may petition to take the conflict exam. The petition must be completed, signed, and submitted by 5pm on the last day of class in order to be valid. Petitions without the required signatures will not be accepted; petitions handed in after 5pm on the last day of class will not be accepted.

  • Exam Policy: If you are forced to miss both the final and the conflict exam due to verifiable circumstances clearly beyond your control you must arrange with your College to take a grade of EX for the course and arrange with your professor to take the final exam in the next regular semester final exam period.