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18th Paul D. Converse Marketing Symposium

The Paul D. Converse Award is granted to persons who have made outstanding contributions to the science of Marketing. Award selection and Symposium administration are the responsibility of the University of Illinois in conjunction with the Central Illinois Chapter of the AMA.

Previous Recipients:


Joseph Alba

"Dimensions of Consumer Expertise," Journal of Consumer Research (with John W. Hutchinson), 1987.

Leonard Berry

"Servqual: A Multiple-Item Scale for Measuring Consumer Perceptions of Service Quality," Journal of Retailing (with A. Parasuraman and Valarie A. Zeithaml), 1988.

"A Conceptual Model of Service Quality and Its Implications for Future Research," Journal of Marketing (with A. Parasuraman and Valarie A. Zeithaml), 1985.

Kent Monroe

"Effects of Price, Brand, and Store Information on Buyers' Product Evaluations," Journal of Marketing Research (with William B. Dodds and Dhruv Grewal), 1991.

"Buyers' Subjective Perceptions of Price," Journal of Marketing Research, 1973.

Rajan Varadarajan

"Research on Corporate Diversification: A Synthesis," Strategic Management Journal (with Vasudevan Ramanujam), 1989.

"Strategic Alliances: A Synthesis of Conceptual Foundations," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (with Margaret H. Cunningham), 1995.

Valerie Zeithaml

Delivering Quality Service: Balancing Customer Perceptions and Expectations. New York: The Free Press (with A. Parasuraman and Leonard L. Berry), 1990.

"Servqual: A Multiple-Item Scale for Measuring Consumer Perceptions of Service Quality," Journal of Retailing (with A. Parasuraman and Leonard L. Berry), 1988.


Richard P. Bagozzi

"On the Evaluation of Structural Equation Models," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 1988.

Russell W. Belk

"Possessions and the Extended Self," Journal of Consumer Research, 1988.

"The Sacred and the Profane in Consumer Behavior: Theodicy on the Odyssey," Journal of Consumer Research (with M. Wallendorf and J.F. Sherry, Jr.), 1989.

John G. Lynch, Jr.

In recognition of his work on memory and judgment, including:

  • "Memory and Attentional Factors in Consumer Choice: Concepts and Research Methods," Journal of Consumer Research (with T.K. Srull), 1982.
  • "Self-Generated Validity and Other Effects of Measurement on Belief, Attitude, Intention, and Behavior," Journal of Applied Psychology (with J.M. Feldman,) 1988.

Everett M. Rogers

Diffusion of Innovations, 4th Edition, 1997.


Donald R. Lehmann

Meta-Analysis in Marketing: Generalization of Response Models (with J. U. Farley), 1986.

Sidney J. Levy

"Symbols for Sale," Harvard Business Review, 1959.

Seenu Srinivasan

"A Consumer-Based Methodology for the Identification of New Product Ideas," Management Science (with A. Shocker), 1974.

Richard Staelin

"An Industry Equilibrium Analysis Downstream Vertical Integration," Marketing Science (with T. McGuire), 1983.


David Aaker

Managing Brand Equity, 1991.

Gilbert Churchill

"A Paradigm for Developing Better Measures of Marketing Constructs," Journal of Marketing Research, 1979.

George Day

Market Driven Strategy: Processes for Creating Value, 1990.

John Hauser

Design and Marketing of New Products (with G. Urban), 1980.

Glen Urban

"Pre-Test Market Evaluation of New Packaged Goods: A Model and Measurement Methodology," Journal of Marketing Research (with A. Silk), 1978.

Yoram Wind

Market Segmentation (with R. Frank and W. Massy), 1972.


Richard Bagozzi

Causal Models in Marketing, 1980.

James Bettman

An Information Processing Theory of Consumer Choice, 1979.

John Little

"Models and Managers: The Concept of a Decision Calculus," Management Science, 1970.

Jagdish Sheth

The Theory of Buyer Behavior (with J. Howard), 1968.

William Wells

"Activities, Interests, and Opinions," Journal of Marketing Research, 1971.


Frank Bass

Articles on Econometric Methods and Stochastic Processes.

Louis P. Bucklin

Retail Strategy and the Classification of Consumer Goods, 1963.

A Theory of Distribution Channel Structure, 1969.

Shelby D. Hunt

The Morphology of Theory and the General Theory In Marketing, 1971

Lawlike Generalizations and Marketing Theory, 1973.

The Nature and Scope of Marketing, 1976.

A General Paradigm of Marketing: In Support of the Three Dichotomies Model, 1978.

Marketing Theory: Conceptual Foundations of Research In Marketing, 1976.

Louis W. Stern

Distribution Channels: Behavioral Dimensions, 1969.

Marketing Channels, 1977 (with A. I. El Ansary).

Distribution Channels as Political Economies: A Framework for Comparative Analysis, 1980 (with T. Reve).


Robert Bartels

Marketing Theory and Meta Theory, 1970.

James Engel

Consumer Behavior, 1968 (with D. Kollat and R. Blackwell).

Martin Fishbein

Belief, Attitude, Intention, and Behavior, 1975 (with I. Ajzen).

Wendell Smith

"Product Differentiation and Market Segmentation as Alternative Strategies," 1956.


Raymond Bauer

Consumer Behavior as Risk Taking, 1960.

Paul Green

Long Series of Publications on Bayesian and Multivariate Analysis, 1964-73.

Philip Kotler

Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, and Control, 1967.

Articles extending the domain of marketing, 1969-73.

Theodore Levitt

Marketing Myopia, 1960.


Peter F. Drucker

The Practice of Management, 1954.

Ewald T. Grether

Marketing and Public Policy, 1966.

John A. Howard

Marketing Management; Analysis and Planning, 1963.

Marketing: Executive and Buyer Behavior, 1963.

Marketing Theory, 1965.

The Theory of Buyer Behavior (with J. N. Sheth), 1969.

Everett M. Rogers

The Diffusion of Innovations.


Wroe Alderson

Marketing Behavior and Executive Action, 1957.

Paul F. Lazarsfeld

Personal Influence: The Part Played by People in the Flow of Mass Communication (with E. Katz), 1955.

Oskar Morgenstern

Theory of Games and Economic Behavior (with J. Von Neumann), 1944, 1947, 1953.

John Von Neumann

Theory of Games and Economic Behavior (with O. Morgenstern), 1944, 1947, 1953.

W. Lloyd Warner

Social Class in America (with M. Meeker and K. Eells), 1949.


Reavis Cox

Theory in Marketing (with W. Alderson), 1950.

The Economics of Installment Buying, 1948.

The Marketing of Textiles, 1938.

George Katona

Psychological Analysis of Economic Behavior, 1951.

General leadership in work of the Survey Research Center.

Charles C. Parlin

First quantitative study of department store sales volumes

Development of city marketing maps; general leadership in development of marketing research through his work as manager of the Commercial Research Division of the Curtis Publishing Co.

Establishment of the first commercial research department of any publication, 1912 etc.


Theodore N. Beckman

Wholesaling, 1926.

Work while in charge of Census of Wholesale Distribution, 1929-32.

Joel Dean

Managerial Economics, 1951.

William J. Reilly

The Law of Retail Gravitation, 1931.

Harry R. Tosdal

Introduction to Sales Management, 1933, 1940, and 1950.


Lyndon O. Brown

Marketing Research and Analysis, 1937.

J.F. Dewhurst

American's Needs and Resources, 1947.

George Gallup

Pioneering work through his American Institute of Public Opinion, 1935.

Roland S. Vaile

Economics of Advertising, 1927.


Wroe Alderson

Louisville Grocery Survey, Part IV, Wholesale Grocery Operations, 1932.

General leadership in development of theory in Marketing.

Ewald T. Grether

Price Control Under Fair Trade Legislation, 1939.

Resale Price Maintenance in Great Britain with an Application to the Problem in the United States, 1935.

Rensis Likert

Surveys on Consumer Finances, 1926.

Work in establishing the Survey Research Center, 1946.

Work in establishing the Institute for Social Research 1949.

Edwin G. Nourse

America's Capacity to Produce, 1934.

The Legal Status of Agricultural Cooperation, 1927.

Henry Schultz

The Theory and Measurement of Demand, 1938.


Edward H. Chamberlin

The Theory of Monopolistic Competition, 1933, 1936, and 1938.

Malcolm P. McNair

Retail Inventory Method, 1925.

Series of Operating Results of Department and Specialty Stores.


Neil H. Borden

Economic Effects of Advertising, 1942.

Arthur C. Nielsen Sr.

Nielsen Food and Drug Indices.

Daniel Starch

Principles of Advertising, 1923.

Magazine audience studies.

Paul W. Steward

Market Data Handbook (U.S. Dept. of Commerce) 1929.

Does Distribution Cost Too Much? (Joint authorship for Twentieth Century Fund), 1939.


Ralph Starr Butler

Selling and Buying, 1911.

Marketing Methods and Policies, 1917.

Paul Cherington

Advertising as a Business Force, 1913.

Elements of Marketing, 1920.

Fred E. Clark

Principles of Marketing, 1922.

Marketing Agricultural Products (with L.D.H. Weld), 1932.

Melvin T. Copeland

Marketing Problems, 1920.

Principles of Merchandising, 1924.

"Relation of Consumer Buying Habits to Marketing Methods," Harvard Business Review, 1923.

C.S. Duncan

Marketing: Its Problems and Methods, 1920.

Commercial Research, 1919.

Herbert Hoover

Sample Census of Distribution, 1927.

First National Census of Distribution, 1929.

Paul H. Nystrom

Economics of Retailing, 1915.

Economics of Consumption, 1929.

Economics of Fashion, 1929.

Walter Dill Scott

The Psychology of Advertising, 1908.

Influencing Men in Business, 1911 and 1919.

The Theory and Practice of Advertising, 1904.

Arch W. Shaw

"Some Problems in Marketing Distribution," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1912.

An Approach to Business Problems, 1916.

W.H.S. Stevens

Unfair Competition, 1917.

Federal Trade Commission Reports: Chain Stores, (1931-34).

Bakery Combines and Profits, (1927).

Report on the Grain Trade, (1920-26).

Furniture (with Walter Durand), 1923-27.

L.D.H. Weld

Marketing Farm Products, 1916.

"Marketing Functions and Mercantile Organizations," American Economic Review, June 1917.

"Marketing Agencies Between Manufacturer and Wholesaler," Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 1917.

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