Fall Events

Tree of Hope
Tree of Hope is a philanthropic event to raise money for the local Tribout Family through Developmental Services Center. The Tribout's daughter was born with extremely severe disabiltities and the family was unable to pay for the piling medical expenses. DCS and DSP work together to raise money for this deserving family each fall who continue to need our help.

Alumni Homecoming
Alumni Homecoming is a weekend when DSig Alumni come back to campus. Each alumnus is paired with a pledge to learn what it is like to be a business professional in the real world and how DSP helped them get where they are. There is a large barbecue that is a good networking opportunity and a time for brothers to catch up.

Biz Bowl
This event is a football tournament, bracket style, among the four business fraternities in which one will be declared the champion by winning both of its games. DSigs pride ourselves on having won the past three out of four years and continuing on that tradition!

Mr. Business
Mr. Business is an entertaining event in which two men from the four business fraternities and business council compete to become College of Business's "Mr. Business." This event is similar to a beauty pageant and there is a dance, a talent competition, and an improv commerical content. The judges, coroporate sponsors, ultimately decides the winning man.

Internship Panel
This event is directed toward freshmen, sophomores, or any Dsigs that have not had an internship yet. A DSig from each major who has had an internship discusses the company they interned for and the work they did for that company. It is an open forum with time for plenty of questions. Not only could this help you decide a major, it could also put you into contact with a recruiter for an internship.

Progressive Dinner
Progressive Dinner is a potluck dinner with a varying theme each year. The food and drink is all representative of a different culture. It is an event for brothers to hangout and learn about a new culture while enjoying great new food.

Spring Events

Business Olympics
Near the end of March there is Business Olympics, a series of competitions including basketball, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, president's challenge, egg toss, and a relay in which all four business fraternities compete. One business fraternity will ultimately be named champion. Dsigs is looking to win for the third straight year this upcoming spring.

COB Best Dance Crew
This dance competition is a philanthropy event in which all proceeds go to charity. Business Council and the four business fraternities make a 12 person dance team and compete to be named the College of Business' Best Dance Crew. Corporate sponsors and College of Business administrators are the judges for this wildly entertaining event.

Kickin' It With Corporate
This event is a fundraising, networking, and philanthropic event. All four business fraternities split into teams: on each team 3 to 5 members from our corporate sponsors play with the teams. There is a buy in and donations and all money is donated to charity.

Professional Events
Some professional events planned for this semester are presentations from McDonald's and Welltok as well as Mocktails with PwC and Caterpillar. Other events are in the process of being planned with True Partners and Becker as well as more of our corporate sponsors.

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