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Giving and Naming Opportunities

Centennial Chair
Centennial Professorship
Centennial Fellowship
Centennial Endowed Scholarship


Centennial Chair
Minimum Gift: $2.5 million

The endowed chair represents the highest honor the University and the College of Business can give to prominent faculty members. Endowed chairs help attract and retain brilliant scholars. By providing dedicated resources for innovative research and teaching opportunities, endowed chairs enable the most gifted faculty members and administrators to excel in their scholarly activities.

The income from endowed chairs may be used to provide:


Centennial Professorship
Minimum Gift: $500,000

Professorships allow the College of Business to build a thriving intellectual community by attracting promising scholars from around the world early in their careers.

The income from an endowed professorship may be used to:


Centennial Fellowship
Minimum Gift: $250,000

In any great university, excellence in teaching and research requires outstanding graduate students. Talented graduate students inspire their undergraduate students. They serve as creative research team members. Many go on to become distinguished college and university professors.

Endowed graduate fellowships and assistantships help us compete with our peers to bring the world's best and brightest graduate students to Illinois.


Centennial Endowed Scholarship
Minimum Gift: $100,000

The continued excellence of our University depends in part on attracting the nation’s most talented students. These students often choose their college based on its financial assistance.

Endowed undergraduate scholarships may be established based on merit, on need or both. Scholarship recipients enjoy the freedom of being able to focus attention on their studies, pursue internships and career development.


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