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LEGACY Organization of the Year formula

Review the following formula to determine how your RSO can best take advantage of Legacy's portion of the RSO of the Year calculations:



[(% of MEMBERS who donate + % of member attendance at events) x (amount members donate + amount organization donates)]
Total # of MEMBERS in organization


Benefits for the Winning Organization

  1. Organization name engraved on the new LEGACY Organization of the Year plaque to be displayed in 1055 BIF
  2. First choice of Wohlers Boards (second place receives second choice)
  3. End-of-the-Year Social for organization at Brothers
  4. Free advertising on a slide describing LEGACY and the Organization of the Year on the large screens of the Virtual Bulletin Boards in BIF during the first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters.
  5. Two college-wide emails through the Undergraduate Affairs office, one per semester (Second place receives one college-wide email in either semester)


LEGACY Events – Fall 2012

1. Lunch on LEGACY – Sept. 27 - BIF Atrium
2. LEGACY Kick-Off Event (Monthly Senior Social) – Sept. 28 - Brothers
3. LEGACY Senior Social – Oct. 19 - Brothers
4. Lunch on LEGACY – Oct. 25 - BIF Atrium
5. LEGACY Senior Social – Nov. 30 - Brothers


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