Business Instructional Facility

Leadership Gift Opportunities

  Business Instructional Facility $ 25 million
Graduate and Undergraduate Wings Committed
Auditorium Committed
Commons Area $ 3.5 million
Grand Staircase Committed
Courtyard $ 2.5 million
Fountain in Courtyard $500,000
MBA Student Services Suite $ 1.0 million
MBA Student Lounge $500,000
Accountancy Student Center Committed
Career Services Center $ 2.0 million
Recruitment Center Committed
Marketing Information Lab Committed
Undergraduate Student Services Suite $ 1.0 million each
Student Lounge


Classrooms From $ 300,000 to $600,000
Entry Hallways and Foyer $ 250,000 to $500,000 each
Conference Rooms $ 200,000 to $250,000 each
Interview and Group Study Rooms $ 50,000 each
Breakout Rooms $ 100,000
Offices $ 50,000 each
Classrooms in Wohlers Hall From $ 100,000 to $250,000



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