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Profiles in Leadership

We invite you to learn more about the following business leaders.

Jill Smart, '81 Business Administration

"I feel that women and men face the same challenges in terms of competency development, opportunities for growth, and the need for luck along the way. However, I believe that women find it more difficult to balance work and family because they want to compromise neither and have high expectations of themselves. For me, it is near impossible to be balanced on any given day, but I strive to be balanced over a period of time." Read full profile »

Rhonda Salins, '76 Marketing

"Do not be afraid to pursue a career in any field dominated by men (investment banking, financial advisor, hedge funds). Be aggressive and work hard and donít let anyone tell you that you canít succeed." Read full profile »

Anna Catalano, '82 Business Administration

"Philanthropy has always been important to be because I feel as though I have been fortunate in my life in ways I could never have imagined. Giving to others is a way to share my blessings with others. I also believe that true success in life is more about how you help others achieve rather than what you achieve for yourself." Read full profile »


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