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How to preserve your copyright in course materials? (12/10/2010)

This information session presented faculty with options on how to preserve their copyright in  course materials that they have specially developed for their teaching, and how to make sure that they are not violating intellectual property rights when they present other authors'  works in their courses. 
Prof. Pilch, appointed as Visiting Program Officer on International Copyright, Association of Research Libraries, 2009-2010, presented specific issues about online distribution of other authors' materials, including text, videos, and others via IL Compass or webpages. Dr. Scagnoli, from our eLearning office, introduced options on how to display copyright notice on  digital work, and how to protect and avoid easy download of your course materials.
The following common FAQs were addressed in the session and discussed with the participants:
1. Do I need to ask permission to put other authors' papers in compass?
2. Can I upload a video from a DVD to the server to have my students watch it from home instead of showing it in class?
3. What are the risks of using Youtube videos in IL Compass for my class?

- Open the presentation: Coypright & Intellectual Property
- Open the presentation: How to preserve your copyright in course materials

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