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John Kindt
Professor of Business Administration

Educational Background

S.J.D., International Law, University of Virginia.
LL.M., International Law, University of Virginia.
J.D., University of Georgia.
M.B.A., University of Georgia.
A.B., Business, William and Mary.

Positions Held

At the University of Illinois since 1978. Professor, Department of Business Administration, University of Illinois, 1985-present. Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration, University of Illinois, 1981-85. Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, University of Illinois, 1978-81.

Recent Publications

Kindt, J. W. 2004. The insiders" for gambling lawsuits: Are the games "fair": and will casinos and gambling facilities be easy targets for blueprints for RICO and other causes of action? Mercer Law Review, 55: 529-593.

Kindt, J. W. 2003. Subpoenaing information from the gambling industry: Will the discovery process in civil lawsuits reveal hidden violations including the racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act? Oregon Law Review, 82: 221-294.

Kindt, J. W. 2003. The gambling industry vs. academic research: Have gambling monies tainted the research environment? University of Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal, 13:1-47.

Kindt, J. W. 2003. Gambling with terrorism and U. S. military readiness: Time to ban video gambling devices on U. S. military bases and facilities? Northern Illinois Law Review, 24: 1-39.

Kindt, J. W. 2003. Would re-criminalizing U. S. gambling pump-prime the economy and could U. S. gambling facilities be transformed in to educational and hi-tech facilities? Stanford Journal of Law, Business, & Finance, 8: 169-212.

Kindt, J. W. 2003. Diminishing or negating the multiplier effect: The transfer of consumer dollars to legalized gambling: Should a negative socio-economic "crime multiplier" be included in gambling cost/benefit analysis? Michigan State DCL Law Review, 281-313.

Kindt, J. W. 2003. Internationally, the 21st century is no time for the United States to be gambling with the economy: Taxpayers subsidizing the gambling industry and the de facto elimination of all casino tax revenues via the 2002 Economic Stimulus Act, Ohio Northern University Law Review, 29: 363-394.

Kindt, J. W., & Palchak, J. K. 2002. Legalized gambling's destabilization of U. S. financial institutions and the banking industry: Issue in Bankruptcy, credit, and social norm production. Emory University Bankruptcy Dev. Journal, 9: 21-69.

Kindt, J. W. 2002. The failure to regulate the gambling industry effectively: Incentives for perpetual non-compliance, Southern Illinois University Law Journal. 27: 221-252.

Kent, J. W., & Brynn, A. E. C. 2002-2003. Destructive economic policies in the age of terrorism: Government-Sanctioned gambling as encouraging transboundary economic raiding and destabilizing national and international economies, Temple International Law and Comparative Law Journal, 16: 243.

Kindt, J. W. & Joy, S. W. 2002. Internet gambling and the destabilization of national and international economies: Time for a comprehensive ban of gambling over the World Wide Web, Denver University Law Review, 80:111-153,

Kindt, J. W., & Asmar, T. 2002. College and amateur sports gambling? Gambling away our youth? Villanova Sports & Entertainment Law Journal, 8: 221-252.

Kindt, J. W. 2001. The costs of addicted gamblers: Should the states initiate mega-lawsuits similar to the tobacco cases? Managerial and Decision Economics, 22: 17-63.

Honors and Awards

Incomplete List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their Students, Fall 2002.

Contact Information:
65 Wohlers Hall
1206 South Sixth Street
Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 333-6018

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