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Ganapathi S Narayanamoorthy

Assistant Professor of Accountancy

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Cao, Z., Narayanamoorthy, G. Forthcoming. Accounting and Litigation Risk: Evidence from D & O Insurance Pricing. Review of Accounting Studies

Beck, P. , Narayanamoorthy, G. 2013. Did the SEC Impact Banks' Loan Loss Reserve Policies and Their Informativeness? Journal of Accounting and Economics, 56: 42-65

Cao, S., Narayanamoorthy, G. 2012. Earnings Volatility, Post-Earnings Announcement Drift, and Trading Frictions. Journal of Accounting Research, 50: 41-74

Cao, Z., Narayanamoorthy, G. 2011. The Effect of Litigation Risk on Management Earnings Forecasts. Contemporary Accounting Research, 28: 125-173

Antle, R., Gordon, E., Narayanamoorthy, G., Zhou, L. 2006. The Joint Determination of Audit Fees, Non-Audit Fees and Abnormal Accruals. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 235-266

Narayanamoorthy, G. 2006. Conservatism and Cross-Sectional Variation in the Post-Earnings Announcement Drift. Journal of Accounting Research, 44: 763-789

Arya, A., Glover, J., Mittendorf, B., Narayanamoorthy, G. 2005. Unintended Consequences of Regulating Disclosures: The Case of Regulation Fair Disclosure. Journal of Accounting & Public Policy, 24: 243-252


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