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Nicholas C. Petruzzi

Associate Professor of Business Administration and
Seass Faculty Fellow and Academic Director MBA Programs

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Articles in Journals

Yalabik, B., Chhajed, D. , Petruzzi, N. Forthcoming. Product and Sales Contract Design in Remanufacturing. International Journal of Production Economics

Shi, H., Liu, Y. , Petruzzi, N. 2013. Consumer Heterogeneity, Product Quality, and Distribution Channels. Management Science, 59: 1162-1176

Petruzzi, N., Wee, K., Dada, M. 2009. The Newsvendor Model with Consumer Search Costs. Production and Operations Management, 18: 693-704

Dada, M., Petruzzi, N., Schwarz, L. 2007. A Newsvendor's Procurement Problem When Suppliers are Unreliable. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 9: 9-32

Liu, B., Petruzzi, N., Sudharshan, D. 2007. A Service Effort Allocation Model for Assessing Customer Lifetime Value in Services Marketing. Journal of Services Marketing, 21: 24-35

Wu, C., Petruzzi, N., Chhajed, D. 2007. Vertical Integration with Price-Setting Competitive Newsvendors. Decision Sciences, 38: 581-610

Yalabik, B., Petruzzi, N., Chhajed, D. 2005. An Integrated Product Returns Model With Logistics and Marketing Coordination. European Journal of Operational Research, 161: 162-182

Monahan, G. , Petruzzi, N., Zhao, W. 2004. The Dynamic Pricing Problem From a Newsvendor's Perspective. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 6: 73-91

Petruzzi, N., Monahan, G. 2003. Managing Fashion Goods Inventories: Dynamic Recourse for Retailers with Outlet Stores. IIE Transactions, 35: 1033-1047

Petruzzi, N., Dada, M. 2002. Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control with Learning. Naval Research Logistics, 49: 303-325

Dana, Jr., J., Petruzzi, N. 2001. Note: The Newsvendor Model With Endogenous Demand. Management Science, 47: 1488-1497

Petruzzi, N., Dada, M. 2001. Information and Inventory Recourse for a Two-Market, Price-Setting Retailer. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 3: 242-263

Petruzzi, N., Dada, M. 1999. Pricing and the Newsvendor Problem: A Review With Extensions. Operations Research, 47: 183-194

Chapters in Books

Petruzzi, N., Dada, M. 2011. Newsvendor Models. In Cochran, J. J., Cox, L. A. Jr., Keskinocak, P., Kharoufeh, J. P., and Smith, J. C. (Ed.), Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, 3528-3537. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


Monahan, G. , Petruzzi, N. 2000. Managing Fashion Goods Inventories with Primary and Secondary MarketsMSOM Conference

Working Papers

Murali, -. , Lim, M. , Petruzzi, N. 2014. Municipal Groundwater Management: Optimal Allocation and Control of a Renewable Natural Resource


Murali, -. , Lim, M. , Petruzzi, N. Forthcoming. Municipal Groundwater Management: Optimal Allocation and Control of a Renewable Natural Resource, POMS Annual Meeting, Atlanta.

Murali, -. , Lim, M. , Petruzzi, N. 2013. Municipal Groundwater Management: Optimal Allocation and Control of a Renewable Natural Resource, INFORMS Annual Meeting, Minneapolis.

Gu, W., Chhajed, D. , Petruzzi, N. 2012. Product Quality Design in Reverse Supply Chain, INFORMS Annual Meeting, Phoenix.

Gu, W., Chhajed, D. , Petruzzi, N. 2011. Environmental Effect of Remanufacturing, Decision Science Institute Annual Meeting, Boston.


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