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Dirk Hackbarth

Associate Professor of Finance and Robert and Karen May Faculty Fellow

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Articles in Journals

Gu, L., Hackbarth, D. Forthcoming. Governance and Equity Prices: Does Transparency Matter? Review of Finance, forthcoming SSRN Abstract

Campello, M., Hackbarth, D. 2012. The Firm-Level Credit Multiplier. Journal of Financial Intermediation, 21: 446-472 SSRN Abstract

Hackbarth, D., Mauer, D. 2012. Optimal Priority Structure, Capital Structure, and Investment. Review of Financial Studies, 25: 747-796 SSRN Abstract

Hackbarth, D., Miao, J. 2012. The Dynamics of Mergers and Acquisitions in Oligopolistic Industries. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 36: 585-609 SSRN Abstract

Almeida, H. , Campello, M., Hackbarth, D. 2011. Liquidity Mergers. Journal of Financial Economics, 102: 526-558 SSRN Abstract

Güntay, L., Hackbarth, D. 2010. Corporate Bond Credit Spreads and Forecast Dispersion. Journal of Banking and Finance, 34: 2328-2345 SSRN Abstract

Hackbarth, D. 2009. Determinants of Corporate Borrowing: A Behavioral Perspective. Journal of Corporate Finance, 15: 389–411 (Lead Article) SSRN Abstract

Hackbarth, D. 2008. Managerial Traits and Capital Structure Decisions. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 43: 843-881 SSRN Abstract

Hackbarth, D., Morellec, E. 2008. Stock Returns in Mergers and Acquisitions. Journal of Finance, 63: 1213-1252 SSRN Abstract

Hackbarth, D., Hennessy, C., Leland, H. 2007. Can the Tradeoff Theory Explain Debt Structure? Review of Financial Studies, 20: 1213-1252 SSRN Abstract

Hackbarth, D., Miao, J., Morellec, E. 2006. Capital Structure, Credit Risk, and Macroeconomic Conditions. Journal of Financial Economics, 82: 519-550 SSRN Abstract

Chapters in Books

Gider, J., Hackbarth, D. 2010. Financing Decisions. In Kent Baker and John Nofsinger (Ed.), Behavioral Finance, Chapter 21, pp. 393-412. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Working Papers

Choi, J. , Hackbarth, D., Zechner, J. 2013. Granularity of Corporate Debt. Journal of Financial Economics SSRN Abstract

Fulghieri, P., Garcia, D., Hackbarth, D. 2013. Asymmetric Information and the Pecking (Dis)Order SSRN Abstract

Hackbarth, D., Taub, B. 2013. Does the Dearth of Mergers Mean More Competition? SSRN Abstract

Hackbarth, D., Johnson, T. 2012. Real Options and Risk Dynamics SSRN Abstract

Hackbarth, D., Haselmann, R., Schoenherr, D. 2012. Financial Distress, Stock Returns, and the 1978 Bankruptcy Reform Act SSRN Abstract

Hackbarth, D., Mathews, R., Robinson, D. 2012. Capital Structure, Product Market Dynamics, and the Boundaries of the Firm SSRN Abstract

Hackbarth, D., Sun, D. 2012. Corporate Investment and Financing Dynamics


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4035 BIF
Department of Finance
Champaign, IL, 61820
(217) 333-7343

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