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Jovan Grahovac

Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Administration

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Articles in Journals

Demeester, L., De Meyer, A., Grahovac, J. Forthcoming. The Role of Operations Executives in Strategy Making. Journal of Operations Management

Grahovac, J., Parker, G., Ekundayo, S. Forthcoming. The Impact of Costliness, Competitive Importance, and Modularity of Investments on Outsourcing. Production and Operations Management

Butler, J., Grahovac, J. 2012. Learning, Imitation, and the Use of Knowledge: A Comparison of Markets, Hierarchies, and Teams . Organization Science, 23: 1249-1263

Grahovac, J., Miller, D. 2009. Competitive Advantage and Performance: The Impact of Value Creation and Costliness of Imitation. Strategic Management Journal, 30: 1192-1212

Grahovac, J., Chakravarty, A. 2001. Sharing and Lateral Transshipment of Inventory in a Supply Chain with Expensive, Low Demand Items. Management Science, 47: 579-594

Chapters in Books

Dasu, S., Erickson, C., Grahovac, J. 1997. Introduction of Quality-Driven Team-Based Work Systems: Issues at the Boundary of Operations Management and Industrial Relations. In Phillip J. Lederer and Uday S. Karmarkar (Ed.), The Practice of Quality Management, 237-262. Kluwer Academic Press.

Working Papers

Grahovac, J. 2014. Knowledge, Other Resources, Entrepreneurship, and the Nexus of Contracts

Grahovac, J., Demeester, L. 2014. From Complete Calm to Turmoil: Uncertain Technological Opportunity and Scenarios of Industry Evolution

Grahovac, J., Krob, A. 2014. Tradeoffs, Capabilities, and Beyond: Toward a Typology of Operational Resources and their Effects on Strategic Positioning


Grahovac, J., Butler, J. 2009. Formation of Individual Beliefs and the Organizational Code: A Comparison of Markets, Hierarchies, and TeamsSeminar in Management, Champaign.


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343P Wohlers Hall
1206 s. Sixth Street
Champaign, IL, 61820
(217) 265-0266

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