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Joseph A Clougherty

Associate Professor of Business Administration

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Clougherty, J., Grajek, M. Forthcoming. International Standards and International Trade: Empirical Evidence from ISO 9000 Diffusion. International Journal of Industrial Organization

Clougherty, J., Gugler, K., Sørgard, L., Szücs, F. 2014. Cross-Border Mergers and Domestic-Firm Wages: Integrating ‘Spillover Effects’ and ‘Bargaining Effects’. Journal of International Business Studies, 45: 450-470

Barros, P., Clougherty, J., Seldeslachts, J. 2013. Europeanization of EU Member-State Competition Policy: The Commission’s Leadership Role. International Review of Law and Economics, 34: 41-51

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Clougherty, J. 2005. Antitrust Holdup Source, Cross-National Institutional Variation, and Corporate Political Strategy Implications for Domestic Mergers in a Global Context. Strategic Management Journal, 26: 769-790

Clougherty, J. 2005. Industry Trade-Balance and Domestic Merger Policy: Empirical Evidence from U.S. Merger Policy for Manufacturing Sectors. Contemporary Economic Policy, 23: 404-415

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Clougherty, J. 1996. North American Airline Mergers: A Strategic Response to Imperfectly Competitive International Markets. Transportation Research Record, 10-16

Chapters in Books

Zhang, A., Zhang, Y., Clougherty, J. 2011. Competition and Regulation in Air Transport. In R. Lindsey, A. de Palma, E. Quinet & R. Vickerman (Ed.), Handbook of Transport Economics, 797-821. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.


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