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Vyacheslav Fos

Assistant Professor of Finance

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Articles in Journals

Collin-Dufresne, P., Fos, V. Forthcoming. Do Prices Reveal the Presence of Informed Trading? Journal of Finance

Fos, V., Margarita, T. Forthcoming. Shareholder Democracy in Play: Career Consequences of Proxy Contests. Journal of Financial Economics

Agarwal, V., Fos, V., Jiang, W. 2013. Inferring Reporting-Related Biases in Hedge Fund Databases from Hedge Fund Equity Holdings. Management Science, 59: 1271-1289

Kuznitz, A., Kandel, S., Fos, V. 2008. A Portfolio Choice Model with Utility from Anticipation of Future Consumption and Stock Market Mean Reversion. European Economic Review, 52: 1338-1352

Working Papers

Fos, V., Kim, B. , Kronlund, M. 2014. The Dark Side of Insider Ownership SSRN Abstract

Almeida, H. , Fos, V., Kronlund, M. 2013. The Real Effects of Share Repurchases SSRN Abstract

Collin-Dufresne, P., Fos, V. 2013. Moral Hazard, Informed Trading, and Stock Prices

Fos, V., Jiang, W. 2013. Out-of-The-Money CEOs: Private Control Premium and Option Exercise by CEOs

Collin-Dufresne, P., Fos, V. 2012. Insider Trading, Stochastic Liquidity, and Equilibrium Prices

Fos, V. 2011. The Disciplinary Effects of Proxy Contests


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