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Jaime Noriega

Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Administration

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Noriega, J. 2012. Beyond Traditional Segmentation: Redefining Multicultural Marketing. Journal of Innovative Marketing, 8: 63-71

Noriega, J., Blair, E. 2008. Advertising to Bilinguals: Does the Language of Advertising Influence the Nature of Thoughts? Journal of Marketing, 72: 69-83

Torres, I., Gelb, B., Noriega, J. 2003. Warning and Informing the Domestic International Market. Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 22: 216-222

Chapters in Books

Noriega, J. 2011. Multicultural Marketing. In The IMC Handbook: Readings & Cases in Integrated Marketing Communication. Racom Communications.


Noriega, J. 2012. Multicultural Marketing – The Interaction of Language and Thought, World Research Group Multicultural Marketing Summit, San Francisco.

Noriega, J. 2012. Giving Multicultural Marketing a New Spin in the Classroom, 7th International AmHighEd Conference, Williamsburg.

Noriega, J. 2009. Multicultural Marketing: Is it the marketplace or the consumer that is multicultural?, DePaul University Multicultural Marketing Summit, Chicago.

Noriega, J. 2009. Multicultural Marketing: An International vs. a Domestic Perspective, Radiology Business Management Association’s Building Better Radiology Marketing Programs Conference, Denver.

Noriega, J. 2005. Bilingual Processing of Advertising from a Psycholinguistic Perspective: The Link Between Attributes Remembered and Attributes Preferred., Association for Consumer Research Annual Conference, Presented.


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