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Virginia Grace France

Assistant Professor of Finance and Academic Advisor

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Baer, H., France, V., Moser, J. 2004. Opportunity cost and prudentiality: An analysis of collateral decisions in bilateral and multilateral settings. Research in Finance SSRN Abstract

France, V., Canoles, W., Thompson, S., Irwin, S. 2002. An Analysis of the Profiles and Motivations of Habitual Commodity Speculators. Journal of Futures Markets SSRN Abstract

D'Arcy, S. , France, V. 1997. Catastrophe Futures: A Better Hedge for Insurers. Future Markets

D'Arcy, S. , France, V. 1992. Catastrophe Futures: A Better Hedge for Insurers. Journal of Risk and Insurance, 59: 575-600


D'Arcy, S. , France, V., Gorvett, R. 1999. Pricing Catastrophe Risk: Could CAT Futures Have Coped With Andrew?CAS Securitization of Risk Call Paper Program


France, V., Oltheten, E. 2013. Clicker TradingAllied Social Science Association Meetings, San Diego.

France, V. 2000. A History of the Liverpool Cotton Exchange ClearinghouseEconomic History Workshop, Urbana-Champaign.


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